'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2: Alexa gets upset with Spencer for allowing people to call him 'cancer guy'

The final season sees the couple have a disagreement over their differing views on their cancer survival

                            'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2: Alexa gets upset with Spencer for allowing people to call him 'cancer guy'

The Big C has been the central premise of this feel-good and inspirational series right from the beginning. The titular character Alexa, her family and best friend Katie's life comes to a rude halt after they get to know of her diagnosis. However, things get better as they all help her navigate through life without losing her enthusiasm towards it.

She even meets her boyfriend Spencer at the hospital she was seeking treatment in Part 1 of Season 3. Like Katie, Spencer too is a cancer survivor and they eventually fall in love with each other. The new season drives a wedge between the two as Alexa gets really upset about the fact that Spencer does nothing to stop people who downplay his talents and achievements by making everything about his cancer. 

Spencer was yearning to make it to the basketball team but he needed a small push which he got from Alexa who motivated him to go for it all guns blazing. He was able to make it and the first person to know about the good news was Alexa. He turned up at her house and even showed her a recording of his team cheering him on after he made it. Alexa didn't look happy after looking at the video.

What upset her was the title of the video that read "cancer guy makes football team" and Spencer appearing to be okay with it didn't help. Her anger escalated further when, at Wider, a man walks up to their table and waxes eloquent about how inspirational it is to see someone with cancer make it in life. 

Spencer later shows up at Alexa's house and in an emotional conversation, she tells him that when he allows it, she gets really mad that all his successes get masked by the fact that he had cancer. He explains to her that he cannot change the video and he definitely doesn't want to be upset with what he cannot change. Like the good boyfriend that he is, he tells Alexa that cancer was the reason they met and just like that, their fight fades away. 

'Alexa and Katie' Season 3 Part 2, which is also the final season of the series, is now streaming on Netflix.

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