'Alexa and Katie' Season 3 Part 2: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about Netflix sitcom

'Alexa and Katie' Season 3 Part 2: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about Netflix sitcom

This impactful series earned the Television Academy Honors in 2019 and was awarded an Emmy nomination for 'Outstanding Children's Program' in 2018. 'Alexa and Katie' is coming to an end with the final season premiering soon. The previous season, the third one from the series was split into two parts, Part 1 was out in 2019 and Part 2 is about to drop soon. Continue reading to know everything you need to know before you catch up on the final episodes of this heartening series. 


Release date

Comprising eight episodes, 'Alexa and Katie' will return Season 3 Part 2 of the series on June 13, 2020. These are also touted to be the final episodes from the series.


The sitcom has managed to navigate the serious subject of young children dealing with their life and all the hindrances that become a part of it after being afflicted by the dreaded C. The series follows the journey of two best friends, Alexa and Katie, who have been together for as long as they can remember. Alexa is the kind of girl who is always happy, positive, and full of enthusiasm for her future. She continues to be the same even after life throws a roadblock in her way and she is diagnosed with leukemia.


What keeps her going and sane is her optimistic outlook towards life along with a strong support system from her protective mother, Lori, and her friend, Katie, who is always standing strong, next to her, be it in school or the difficult hospital runs. Katie even decides to go bald after Alexa starts losing her hair once her treatment starts. There are a couple of problems that Alexa faces while adjusting to being a high-schooler while seeking treatment to ward off her sickness but one part remains the same and continues to give joy to her and Katie. The best friends have always thought about how their lives would be once they enter freshman year. The upcoming season will focus on Katie who's feeling the weight of her future but with Alexa by her side, she will be able to whizz past the phase of second doubting herself and the girls are ready to enter the senior year. 


According to Netflix's official release, in the show's final part, "Alexa tries to put cancer behind her but a new person in her life might make that especially hard. Katie is already feeling the pressure of her future and needs all the support she can get from her best friend whose side she has stood by for two seasons."


The returning cast will include Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer, Isabel May as Katie, Paris Berelc as Alexa, Finn Carr as Jack, Emery Kelly as Lucas, Eddie Shin as Dave, Jack Griffo as Dylan and Tiffani Thiessen as Lori.



Alexa and Katie are excited to enter their senior year together. The former is worried about what subject to major in whereas the latter worries if her choice of college will accept her or she'll have to look for a backup. You can check the trailer of the upcoming season here


Where to watch

You can watch all the eight episodes of Season 3 Part 2 of 'Alexa and Katie' on Netflix starting June 13, 2020.

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