Alessia Cara celebrates her birthday with new single 'A Little More'

The birthday release will feature on Cara's upcoming album 'The Pains of Growing' and is a follow-up to the lead single 'Growing Pains' which debuted last month.

                            Alessia Cara celebrates her birthday with new single 'A Little More'
Alessia Cara (Source: Getty Images)

July 11 marks Alessia Cara's 22nd birthday. And to celebrate the occasion, the Grammy-winning singer is giving all her fans a gift in the form of her new single 'A Little More'. The track, which follows last month’s 'Growing Pains', is the second song to be previewed from her upcoming sophomore album.

Cara teased the song on her Instagram page, telling fans she wrote and produced the track in her basement. "I made a song in my basement and thought I’d release it tomorrow as a small gift for my birthday," she captioned the post which showed off the beachy cover art for the single.

The birthday offering is one of Cara's most raw releases yet, with stripped-down guitar allowing her dusky tone to shine, with her breathy vocals standing out against the soft jangle in the background. “Hey Mister, knock on my door/ I’m sorry that I’ve been emotions galore,” she sings, baring her vulnerability for all to see. “Am I crazy for wanting a little bit more? A little more of you.”

The single is in stark contrast to the previously unveiled lead single 'Growing Pains', which was more on the lines of a traditional Cara hit with perceptive lyrics and a groovy beat. The new single also comes with an accompanying music video, which shows us a series of deeply intimate 30mm style footage of Cara's life. 

Cara’s new album, titled 'The Pains of Growing', is due out sometime this fall. It follows her breakthrough 2015 record, 'Know It All', which helped her score a coveted Best New Artist win at the Grammys earlier this year. The Canadian singer-songwriter is all set to take the stage on tonight’s episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Last month, the singer/songwriter sported an aptly oversized suit and belted out a powerful, memorable performance of 'Growing Pains' on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.