Watch Alessia Cara's TV debut of new single 'Growing Pains' on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Grammy-winning artist also told Fallon about that one time she successfully pranked former tour mates Coldplay by hiding inside a giant teddy bear

                            Watch Alessia Cara's TV debut of new single 'Growing Pains' on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Alessia Cara (Source : Getty Images)

Alessia Cara returned last week with 'Growing Pains', the first single from her upcoming, sophomore album. On Monday evening (June 18), the Grammy winner for 'Best New Artist' visited 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to showcase the new song live on TV for the first time. 

Keeping in sync with the cover art of her new single, the Canadian singer/songwriter sported an oversized suit and belted out a powerful, memorable performance as she bopped around the stage lined with three backing vocalists, a live drummer and two synth players.

Earlier on the Tonight Show, Cara chatted with host Jimmy Fallon about winning the 2018 Best New Artist Grammy award – a role she'd been preparing for since childhood. "In my shower, growing up, I would thank people for fake songs that hadn't come out," she recalled with a laugh.

The alternative R&B sensation also shared a strangely funny story about an impressively detailed prank that she pulled against her recent touring partners Coldplay. As Cara recalled, the prank involved her sound tech Leo removed all the stuffing from a giant stuffed teddy bear, and letting Cara squeeze inside.

"I left a little note, saying, like, 'I wanted to thank you guys for having me on tour, and I left you this bear,'" she said. "I planned it all, got fake balloons, all of it. I was in there for what felt like three hours – it was 30 minutes, actually. The thing is you want it to seem like you don't have bones because you're not a person, so I had to be limp. I couldn't see anything, and I guess all your remaining senses are heightened, so you just know that they're there. Then I just jumped out, and I scared them all."

'Growing Pains' is Alessia’s first new, self-penned, solo recording since her 2015 platinum debut album 'Know-It-All' and serves as the long-awaited follow-up to the 4x-platinum '1-800-273-8255,' her epic collab­o­­­ration with fellow Def Jam artist Logic, one of 2017’s landmark singles with over 1.5 billion streams worldwide. 

Earlier this month, Cara teased the new single by launching a game on social media, getting fans involved in the reveal of some of the track's lyrics. "Today I'll be sending 25 of you different lines of my new song coming June 15th through direct messages and comments on your social media," she explained in a tweet.

"If you want the whole song, you can work with each other to piece it together." So it looks like Alessia enjoys her fair bit of fun and games!