Alec Baldwin has gone through daughter Ireland's social media pics, and his response is total DAD

Alec Baldwin was not pleased with the picture his daughter chose to post on her Instagram account and he made it very clear.

                            Alec Baldwin has gone through daughter Ireland's social media pics, and his response is total DAD
Alec Baldwin (Source:Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin might be a star in Hollywood but he is just like every other dad when it comes to his daughter. The actor's daughter, Ireland Baldwin, took to Instagram on Saturday (August 18) to post a racy picture of herself. It did not take Alec much time to come across the picture and before one knew it, he hopped into the comment section to share his views on the picture. In the image, Ireland, 22, leaned forward on top of a motorcycle while wearing a black bra with a matching pair of bottoms. Ireland captioned her picture as "Stay extra". The  60-year-old actor was quick to comment as he wrote, "No. Just… No." While Alec may not appreciate the picture, Ireland sure is proud of her curves. 

Actor Alec Baldwin (L) and daughter Ireland (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Time and again she has taken to Instagram to prove her point about how one should be happy about their body. “This is who I am, take it or leave,” she wrote in a picture where she posed in her underwear, as reported by People. In her post, Ireland stressed on how she was not going to let body shamers get the better of her. 

“I am not going to be body shamed for being pale or not stick thin. I’m not going to spend hours photoshopping my authenticity away. I’m not going to beat myself up for not looking like someone else. I’m not going to be told that I’m damaged goods because of my tattoos," she wrote. “Your body should be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves. I’m forever on a journey of finding my better self and continue to work as hard as I can to make myself proud.”

This comes after Ireland took to Instagram to show off her new rose tattoo. The 22-year-old model flaunted a huge new red rose tattoo on her right hip. "Summertime," she captioned the picture with a knife, rose and a heart emoji. At the same time, she updated her fans on where they could buy the cheeseburger print bikini bottoms she sported in the picture. "Cheeseburger underwear you can get at Target," she wrote. 

The picture showed Ireland standing in the pool with her hands strategically covering her modesty. The rose tattoo is one of the many tats that Ireland has and she clearly loves flaunting them all. People were quick to comment on how beautiful she looked in the picture. "Super hot... Summer with too much hotness in this pic," one user wrote. Another noted, "Wow just look how pretty you are you are very very pretty." While Ireland has been winning hearts of people with her Instagram photos, she has also dazzled the covers of several magazines. 

Elle Bulgaria, L'Officiel Ukraine, and Marie Claire México are some of the magazines where Ireland has made it to their cover. Meanwhile, she has also been featured in the editorials of W, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Taiwan. She has also been signed with Muse Models. While Alec and Ireland have had a strained relationship in the past, it sure does look like the father-daughter duo has moved on with time.