Alec Baldwin says 'Trump’s presidency must die' if Americans are to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Alec Baldwin says 'Trump’s presidency must die' if Americans are to survive the COVID-19 pandemic
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Alec Baldwin, who has been a strong critic of President Donald Trump, suggested on Friday, July 24, that Americans must vote President Donald Trump out of office if they want to survive the coronavirus pandemic. ''Trump’s presidency must die so that we can live,'' he wrote on Twitter. Shortly after posting the tweet, supporters for the POTUS flocked to the comments section to discredit the actor.  "So the people who are burning down our cities, defunding police, supporting China and terrorists are the ones who say Trump is the problem. A guy who's been in charge for 3.5 years. The critics in office have been there for decades," one said, while another commented, "Hollywood is dead. The Americans get live now. No more secret societies. No more listening to CIA farmed trained idiots in Hollywood. No more corrupted politicians telling lies and stealing all of Americas (sic) wealth. Its our turn. The tables have turned. God bless the USA." 

A third tweeted: "That absurd statement wouldn’t even qualify as a sophomoric attempt at a clever line in a B movie that I half-watched while doing other useful things." A fourth said, "Yes the pedos in hollywood need Trump to loose so they can live. #Pedowood #Vote2020." This is far from being the first time that Baldwin has snapped at the president's incompetency in running the country. 

Actor Alec Baldwin attends SiriusXM's Town Hall with the cast of "Motherless Brooklyn" on October 21, 2019 in New York City. (Getty Images)

Last week, Baldwin claimed without proof that Trump could use armed forces to stop the upcoming November election. He based his statement on the Department of Homeland Security's decision to deploy federal agents in Portland, Oregon to suppress and subdue violent rioters. “The ‘police’ activity in Portland, and lack of outrage over/resistance to it tells us how Trump could stop the election in November. It’s his only hope,” Baldwin wrote. He also linked an article that was published by Esquire written by Charles P. Pierce who said that the federal move could be a "dress rehearsal" for November

Back in May, Baldwin claimed that Trump was not mentally fit, which in turn was costing Americans their lives. “I’ve seen a few ppl in my lifetime who were pre-nuts, but had a lot of $ to conceal/distract. Overtime, they went full blown,” he tweeted. “That’s Trump. The President of the US has a degenerative mental illness that is costing 1000’s of lives.”

The 'Saturday Night Live' actor has also said the virus afflicting the US is none other than President Trump. “The virus in the US began in January of 2017. The vaccine arrives in November,” Baldwin said in March. In February, the '30 Rock and Mission Impossible' movie star called President Trump the true “pandemic that threatens the world.”

And not just this, he has been attacking the POTUS even before the advent of the virus. Despite Trump running his campaign on making America, Baldwin has insisted that he wants to destroy America. “Trump’s been in office for a while now. Incompetent is one thing. Nuts is another. Both in combination are devastating,” Baldwin said last year. “But he hasn’t killed America yet. We’re like a rhino. A big, leathery rhino. He can’t kill us. And he knows that and he’s scared.”

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