'Alaskan Bush People': Brown family safe after Palmer Fire, urges audience to donate for rescue operations

The family's home on Palmer Mountain in remote Washington was engulfed by the fire that continues to burn across Okanoga County

                            'Alaskan Bush People': Brown family safe after Palmer Fire, urges audience to donate for rescue operations

The Brown Family is back with yet another season of 'Alaskan Bush People' and the premiere episode of Season 12 just aired on Discovery channel. The premise of the season is that the family is about to face the biggest challenge of their life as they plan to build a home for themselves where they can be untouched by technology.

Even though the preview video released prior to this season's release had the information about the dimensions and square footage, in this episode they revealed how their house might look once ready. The Brown family plans to have one big house in the center and then expand around it. They aim to create a town kind of a setting around the house with a specialized space for all of Billy and Ami's children, except for Matt who has stopped appearing on the show.

The plan includes Bear's Conex, it will also have a barn which is a no-brainer given the number of animals they own. Then there's the girls' Snowbird and Rain "Rainy" where they have a treehouse and a tiny house respectively. A space for an RV, Joshua "Bam", Gabe's land as well as Noah's mash tent are also what the Browns collectively plan to build.

The family plans to do so with little to no use of modern technology and audiences will find out how they go about it as the season advances. However, the production of the show seems to be in jeopardy as the family deals with a tragedy. On August 18, the fires on Palmer mountain that still continue to rage across Okanogan County, Washington, engulfed the Brown Family's residence.

Palmer Mountains is where their property stands and their family was forced to flee as the fire continued to spread. A lot of other families have been displaced because of this and the Browns are pleading with their fans to donate money to the American Red Cross to help with those fighting this devastation.

A couple of hours before the new season premiered: Bear, Rain, Snowbird, Noah and Rhain Alicia in a video uploaded to the show's official Instagram page, gave an update to fans as to how they're dealing in the aftermath of the fire that has caused a rampage and in the same video attempted to raise donations to help with the rescue operations.

'Alaskan Bush People' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on Discovery Channel.

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