'I prefer high gas price': State Department worker Alan Eyre under fire for 'out of touch' tweet

'I prefer high gas price': State Department worker Alan Eyre under fire for 'out of touch' tweet
Alan Eyre is the first-ever Persian language spokesperson of the United States Department of State (BBC Persian/YouTube screenshot, Alan Eyre/Twitter)

A State Department official is under fire for a tweet in which he claimed that he preferred higher gas prices as it leads to fewer people driving and less pollution. Alan Eyre, a senior State Department foreign service officer, made the remark in response to President Joe Biden's claim​ that gas prices are falling from last month's "peak".

"I prefer high gas prices = less driving, less CO2," Eyre tweeted. His tweet quickly drew flak, with sharp criticism from social media users who found his comment distasteful. Eyre seems to have deleted or deactivated his Twitter account following the backlash. 


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President Biden recently said that Americans would spend an average of $30 less per month on gas than what they did last month when prices soared above $5. Since June, the prices have been declining steadily but are still 39 per cent higher than they were a year ago. This would be a difference of over $2 per gallon. The average price of gas remains above $5 in seven states, and California has maintained the highest average at $5.75.

Image: Alan Eyre/Twitter
(Alan Eyre/Twitter)

"Biden’s government officials like Alan Eyre spend our tax dollars on their bills, of course don’t feel the pain of $1000/month gas bill," an angry user tweeted. "The coward Alan Eyre@alaneyre1 shuts his account down. A whole new level of STUPID from this admin! State Department 'bureaucrat': 'I prefer high gas prices' because of less emissions," another user said.

"Alan Eyre is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out of touch with everyday Americans. He is one of militia of Biden bureaucrats who continue to destroy this country with their insane antics," said one user, while another wrote, "Alan Eyre should keep his dumb a*s comments to himself. He prefers $5 gallon gas price thinks that’s a good price. Another example of why the swamp needs to be drained. What a turd!"





"Do not mistake arrogance for stupidity. These people are not stupid. They are arrogant. They know they’re destroying lives to push their agenda and they don’t care," one user said, while another wrote, "Next time the unelected public servant needs to travel to Europe, let him swim. Less emissions!!!"

"These people are so full of crap. Remember. They'll never have to sacrifice like the rest of us for their miserable green policies," one user said. One user wrote, "I think with these kind of irrational out of touch jerks in the government and especially the state department which must realize the Chinese are building 1 coal fueled plant per day and is polluting at an incredible rate and we just ignore it."

"I guess it doesn’t matter to him how people can get around such as to work or the store. These bureaucrats are so beholden to their policies they fail to see how they affect people," said another.






Eyre is the first-ever Persian language spokesperson of the United States Department of State. He became the State Department's Persian-language spokesperson in April 2011, a post that was created in an attempt to communicate with the Iranian people. Eyre studied American literature at Dartmouth College. 

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