Nashville gas station trolls Joe Biden with Hunter Biden meme on sign: ‘Hope gas prices don't get too high!’

The sign outside the station has the photo of a shirtless Hunter Biden, allegedly high on crack, with the message 'gas prices' near his head

                            Nashville gas station trolls Joe Biden with Hunter Biden meme on sign: ‘Hope gas prices don't get too high!’
Tennessee gas station trolls President Joe Biden by using Hunter Biden meme on gas prices (Twitter/Getty Images)

Conservatives are showering love on a gas station in Nashville, Tennessee for using its pricing sign to take a dig at President Joe Biden. The gas station, called 'The Lewis Country Store' is in Nashville, Tennessee. The sign outside the location has an unflattering image of Hunter Biden with the message: 'Hope gas prices don't get too high'.

The image in question was published by New York Post after it claimed to have got its hands on Hunter's abandoned laptop. It showed a shirtless Hunter allegedly high on crack, lying in a bathtub. “Hope gas prices don’t get too high!” says the text next to Hunter's image. To drive the point home, there is another caption near Hunter’s head in the photo, that says “gas prices.”

It was not the only meme taking a jab at the POTUS in the light of price hikes and gas shortages reported in multiple states after the Colonial Pipeline was struck by a cyberattack recently. A sign below the gas prices at the station was filled with a series of hilarious displays, one of which was a laughing Tucker Carlson. The next one was an empty gas gauge with the logo of the Biden-Harris administration and finally the image of Hunter in a bathtub, an image that created quite the storm back in 2020. 

The person who took a video of the changing displays, captioned his post, "I thought that gas station pic with Hunter was fake, but this guy RECORDED it!! Bless this ballsy gas station!"


Many of the social media users sang the store's praises after coming across the video above. "I hope the dude who did this knows how much good it did my morale," one of them wrote while another said, "amazing I love it. Two of memes in the wild." One more commented, "First Amendment All The Way - I would drive out of my way to fill up at #TheLewisCountryStore !!!" The next quipped, "This made my week. Thank you American patriots."

A commenter tweeted, "Love that store. I go there every time I go to Ashland City. Must stop for Trump patriots." A person reacted with, Would definitely stop and fill up there even if I didn't need it." One of them said, "That's hilarious marketing." Another wrote, "Wow, i wonder how much trouble they got in."









The store has made headlines in the past too with its choice of signage, as it openly rallied against mask mandates in Nashville. A sign outside the store at the time said: “You are not required to wear a mask in our facility.” It was meant to be a dig at Nashville Mayor John Cooper and his “band of communist cohorts” who made masks mandatory. Another message on their public display read, "Roses are red, grass is greener, is you think I am gonna wear a mask, you can suck my wi***r."


Brad Lewis, the owner of the store told local media last year about the protest signage at his store. “Rest assured people like me are willing to fight until our last breath and bullet to defend the constitution of this last frontier of freedom left on the planet we call the United States of America," he said.

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