'Gross and creepy': Woman SLAMMED for asking roommate to leave so that her dad could sleep in

The Reddit post by ‘U/notatypicaltaurus' titled 'AITA if I don't let my roommates dad sleep in my bed?' has received over 11K upvotes and more than 1,500 comments

                            'Gross and creepy': Woman SLAMMED for asking roommate to leave so that her dad could sleep in
A Reddit user wrote that her roommate asked her to leave so that her father could stay in her bedroom (Adam Berry/Getty Images and Reddit)

Internet users slammed a woman for telling her roommate and her boyfriend to vacate their room so that her father could sleep there during her graduation weekend. ‘U/notatypicaltaurus,’ an anonymous woman, wrote about the situation on Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" topic, where it gained over 11K upvotes and more than 1,500 comments.

In a Reddit post titled "AITA if I don't let my roommates dad sleep in my bed?" a woman, 21, said she and her boyfriend, 22, share a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a roommate, 22, and that they are both university students. Mary, the OP's roommate, pays one-third of the rent and utilities, leaving the other two-thirds to the OP and her boyfriend. Because it is university housing, the woman further clarified that her and Mary's names are on the lease. "Yesterday, Mary texted me that her dad is flying out for graduation and she is looking for hotels but they're too expensive so he needs to stay in my bedroom," the post read. "I was very confused and taken aback by this request because it seemed completely strange and inappropriate." The woman informed Mary that she and her boyfriend would be using their room because they live there, but Mary responded that they "needed to leave" so that her father could use it.


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A college student wrote about her ordeal on Reddit (Reddit)


"She told me she has no choice but to ask me and my boyfriend to leave our apartment so her dad can have my room," the post read. "When I said my boyfriend and [I] would be staying in MY room, she said I was being unreasonable because it's her only graduation (this is not true, she's going to medical school next year)." The woman also mentioned her boyfriend’s graduation and that being the reason behind his stay. "Not only do I need my room, which I pay for, but I'm not comfortable with a man I've never met sleeping in my bed and staying in my room with my personal belongings without me being there," the post concluded. "AITA if I don't let her use my room for her dad?" After the post was uploaded, almost 1500 users commented on it and slammed OP's roommate Mary.

"This is gross, creepy, and completely over the line. Her lack of planning is not your emergency, and the idea of a stranger sleeping in YOUR bed should rightly disgust you," a user wrote. "You need to put your foot down and make sure your landlord is aware of what Mary is asking in case she lets her dad in to take your bed when you aren't home," the user added. 


One comment read, “NTA she is being a massive d**k. She messed up by not booking before three weeks ago (hotels priced before graduation shoot you massively everyone knows that) How can she think it’s okay to just ask you leave your house for her. And to do it in a bit of a rude way. You’ve offered alternatives. Very reasonable. Your BF is very kind to offer such an alternative. You don’t have to leave your flat at all. Tell her no and that you offered alternatives. Thankfully she will be going soon. If this ruins the friendship you have with her that is on her and her choices. Not your fault.”


Another comment read, “NTA What she is downright DEMANDING is absurd. If she has to babysit Dad then she can put a mattress in her room or in the living room. Him sleep in 1 spot, her sleep on the other. Or 1 sleeps on a sofa if Dad is unable to use an air mattress. Ask her what would her reaction be if it were demanded she give up her room for 1 of your boyfriend's family members, She wouldn't like that would she? No? Didn't think so. Tell her get bent.”



One more comment read, “NTA And where does she expect you to go while she hosts her dad? It sounds like she completely dropped the ball about booking him a hotel, and she tried to cover it up by saying she’d worked it out with you that he’d stay with her, it’d be more intimate than going to a hotel, blah blah blah. In which case, the money he could have spent on a hotel should go to you, since your roommate isn’t the one who’d be hosting him, you are. It’s your room, so they should pay you for its use. Especially since you’d be out of pocket finding alternative accommodations if you decided to entertain her crazy delusion.”

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