Who runs 'controversial' Agape Boarding School? Student claims he was forced to roll in camel poop

Who runs 'controversial' Agape Boarding School? Student claims he was forced to roll in camel poop
Agapé Boarding School for Boys in Stockton, Missouri, is currently facing 19 lawsuits alleging torture, starvation, as well as sexual, emotional, and physical abuse (Agapeboardingschool/Facebook)

Agapé Boarding School for Boys in Stockton, Missouri, is currently facing 19 lawsuits alleging torture, starvation, as well as sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, as reported by Daily Mail. Five new lawsuits had been filed by former college students from California, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi, who attended the varsity from 2014 till now.

Students from the controversial school accused the faculty of forcing them to roll round in camel poop to "construct character". Mother Nicole Fernandez, who’s among the many plaintiffs launching authorized motion, revealed her then 14-year-old son contracted pink eye from a revolting train that concerned college students rolling around in animal poop. In an exclusive interview, Fernandez told Daily Mail that she enrolled her 14-year-old son Corey Fernadez in the Christian school so that he could be profited from "animal remedy" and emotional assistance as he was spiraling uncontrolled after the sudden demise of his father.


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"The animals had been suppose to be for emotional therapeutic and assist", Fernandez said. "That was the primary purpose I despatched my son to Agapé Boarding College. They had been all concerning the animals. They promised that the animals would assist Corey with the grieving course and so they knew we got here from a farm", she added. "They used this to con me into sending my son there, which ended up being the worst mistake of my life", the mother further said.

Agape Boarding School faculty (Courtesy: agapeboardinschool.org)

Who runs Agape Boarding School?

With the desire to help the troubled boys, Agape Boarding School was founded in April 1990, by James and Kathy Clemensen. Agapé Boarding School describes itself as "an affordable non-profit Christian boarding school designed to show God's love to teen boys who are struggling with behavior issues that can threaten their future". The Agape school promises to provide its students with quality education and vocational training. Apparently, none of this seems to be true.

Agape Boarding School Campus (agapeboardingschool.org)

Accusations against the school

Fernandez who's from Northern California believed that enrolling her son into Agape Boarding School would benefit Corey in the best of his interests. Fernandez was determined to avoid wasting his son's time as he earlier ended up in jail. On the advice of a dealer, who later turned out to be a recruiter of Agape school, Fernandez enrolled her fragile inn to the all-boys school in February 2019.

"It seemed like the proper faculty with numerous nature and animals to assist the scholars emotionally. I used to be advised they they’d labored with numerous youngsters like my son and had been nicely outfitted to deal with these with particular wants," she mentioned. "My son was on the spectrum and been recognized with Tourette syndrome, Asperger syndrome, nervousness dysfunction, and naturally, was grieving the lack of his father," she said.

"My son was standing at the entrance and I did not acknowledge him. He seemed emaciated, his head was shaved. He was carrying an outsized soiled orange sweater and used rain boots that had been about dimension 13 when he was a dimension 8 or 9," she mentioned. "He went in weighing about 185lbs and after I noticed him he had dropped practically 50lbs. He seemed like a prisoner. It broke my coronary heart." "I ought to have taken him out instantly, however, the faculty was so convincing and stored drilling into my head that this was what was finest for him when in truth it ended up being the worst mistake of my life." Fernandez took her son out of Agape in October 2019 after 8 months of torture and abuse.

Fernandez revealed that her son Corey told her that he was dragged away from bed at night time within the Ozark winter and compelled to roll around in camel waste. "I bear in mind him telling me, prefer it was regular, how he and different youngsters had been dragged away from bed at night time within the Ozark winter and compelled to roll round in camel muck. He mentioned: “That’s where I got pink eye.” He was advised that it builds character", Fernandez claimed.

Fernandez revealed that as punishment the youngsters in the school were fed "soggy tortillas" with "moldy refired beans" which they were forced to eat. And, this is what they would be served at dinner. She also revealed that the so-called animal therapy never occurred. Rather, they were only allowed to work with only a German shepherd (named Canine) and a horse that was later on shot dead for misbehaving. "The staffer shot and killed the canine as a result of it would not obey him and could not be skilled", Fernandez mentioned.

Another scholar Josh Bradney, 20, who was 12 when he despatched away to the school claimed that he had been raped frequently as a scholar. "Agapé is what threatens a scholar’s future,’ Bradney told Daily Mail. "It is a cult that tries brainwashing youngsters into believing that they’re horrible people who find themselves going to hell. That their dad and mom did not need them. That they deserve the abuse."

Bradney described one incident the place he was allegedly overwhelmed so badly by a bunch of scholars that he was taken to the physician. He claimed he was instructed by a worker member to lie and say that he was injured at soccer game, though he didn’t play the game. His physician at the time, Dr David Smock, 56, is now behind bars after being charged with 15 intercourse crimes and trying to sodomize a 13-year-old in the bathe.

"It wasn’t secure any place. I could not inform any of the workers members or the physician what actually occurred to me, together with the sexual abuse, or I’d get into even deeper bother. I used to be completely happy and relieved after I heard about his arrest," Fernandez added, "I need to see all of them be held accountable. I need to see them prosecuted and see the varsity shut down. I need to see all these infants get compensated for a lifetime of psychological well-being."

After leaving Agapé, the mom needed to place her son into an actual remedy program, Sundown Bay Academy in Mexico, for one more 15 months because of his expertise on the faculty. "He was completely happy, wholesome, cherished, fed and we had been allowed to exit in town, and even had in a single day visits collectively," Fernandez said.

Robert Bucklin, 28, who now works as a caretaker in a hospital and attended Agapé from 2007 to 2013, has been actively attempting to get the varsity shut down since leaving. 


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