'Against the Ice': 5 things about Netflix survival drama starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

'Against the Ice': 5 things about Netflix survival drama starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen in 'Against the Ice' (Netflix)

'Against the Ice' is one of the films premiering on Netflix this week and the historical survival drama made headlines when it opened to critical acclaim at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival last month. Based on a true story depicted in 'Two Against the Ice' by Ejnar Mikkelsen, the survival drama follows two members of a Denmark expedition as they set out on a mission to disprove a United States claim on Greenland. 

Starring 'Game of Thrones' alum Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cole in key roles, the movie's early reviews were positive with The Guardian calling it a "simple but sturdy Netflix survival drama". This was seconded by Flickering Myth who wrote, "Against The Ice works best when depicting the unsavory aspects of survival for trekking through the Arctic and the search for the cairn." Ahead of the movie's release, here's everything you need to know.


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When does 'Against the Ice' release?

The historical survival film airs on March 1, 2022, on Netflix.

Who's in 'Against the Ice'?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars as Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen. Joining him in pivotal roles are Joe Cole as Iver Iversen, Charles Dance as Neergaard, and Heida Reed as Naja.

Joe Cole as Iver P. Iversen in 'Against the Ice' (Lilja Jonsdottir/Netflix © 2022)

What is the movie about?

Per Netflix, the official synopsis reads, "In 1909, Denmark’s Arctic Expedition led by Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) was attempting to disprove the United States’ claim to Northeast Greenland. This claim was based on the assumption that Greenland was broken up into two different pieces of land. Leaving his crew behind with the ship, Mikkelsen embarks on a journey across the ice with his inexperienced crew member, Iver Iversen (Joe Cole). The two men succeed in finding the proof that Greenland is one island, but returning to the ship takes longer and is much harder than expected."

"Battling extreme hunger, fatigue, and a polar bear attack, they finally arrive to find their ship crushed in the ice and the camp abandoned. Hoping to be rescued, they now must fight to stay alive. As the days grow longer, their mental hold on reality starts to fade, breeding mistrust and paranoia, a dangerous cocktail in their fight for survival. Against the Ice is a true story of friendship, love, and the awe-inspiring power of companionship."


Danish film director Peter Flinth ('Eye of the Eagle') helms the film based on a screenplay by Coster-Waldau and Joe Derrick



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