Aespa re-enters BB 200 with 'Savage', becomes 4th K-pop girl group to chart for 2 weeks

With aespa breaking records one after another, fans wonder if there's anything the rookie girl group can't do

                            Aespa re-enters BB 200 with 'Savage', becomes 4th K-pop girl group to chart for 2 weeks
The monster rookies prove that there is no way of stopping them as aespa charts on Billboard 200, Billboard Artist 100 and more charts for 'Savage' (@aespa_official/Instagram)

SM Entertainment's monster rookies aespa made their debut in November 2020, but have been breaking all records since with no plans of stopping anytime soon. Aespa has proved their domination as the girl group entered into the last month of 2021 by winning not one but two Daesangs (Grand Prizes) at the year-end award shows like the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (2021 AAA) and the 2021 Melon Music Awards (2021 MMA).

Aespa celebrated their one year anniversary in November of 2021 after the release of their first mini-album ‘Savage’ that led to the group entering many real-time charts, domestically as well as internationally. Aaespa entered US Billboards 200 chart with their first mini-album ‘Savage’ as soon as the album released back in October.

At the time, aespa peaked on the chart at Number 20 with ‘Savage’ but that was not all as the group also peaked on other Billboard charts like Artist 100, World Albums, and Top Albums among many others.


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aespa re-enters Billboard charts

As of December 11, aespa re-entered Billboard 200 chart at Number 85 alongside Billboard’s Artist 100 chart at Number 99 among other Billboard charts two months after ‘Savage’ was released. Not only that, ‘Savage’ also re-entered other Billboard charts like Billboard’s World Albums at Number 2, Independent Albums at Number 10, Top Current Album Sales at Number 15, and Top Album Sales at Number 21 this week.

With ‘Savage’, aespa became the fourth K-pop group in history after Blackpink, TWICE and ITZY to chart a single album for more than one week (not consecutive). In the past, Blackpink charted on Billboard 200 for two weeks with their albums ‘The Album’ and ‘Kill This Love’, while TWICE’s albums ‘Taste of Love’ and ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’ dominated charts for two weeks as well. Fourth gen girl group form JYP, ITZY, also charted for two weeks on Billboard 200 with ‘Crazy in Love.’


Aespa’s rise to the top

The girl group made their first international appearance at the 2021 Macy’s Day Parade (Thanksgiving Day Parade) and caught the eye of international fans. Aespa followed the event by shooting to the top by winnning seven awards at two of South Korea’s most prestigious award shows. Two out of the seven awards won by aespa were Daesangs (grand prizes), which is unusual for a rookie group to achieve within 13 months of their debut.

Aespa won three titles including 'Stage of the Year', 'Rookie Award' and 'Hot Trend Award' at the 2021 AAA on December 2 and followed these wins by winning four titles at MMA 2021, where the group won 'Record of the Year Award', 'Rookie Award', 'Top 10 of the Year', and Daesang (grand prize) for 'Best Group (Female)' Award.