Dive team that found Kiely Rodni's body and car will now join search for missing Jolissa Fuentes

Dive team that found Kiely Rodni's body and car will now join search for missing Jolissa Fuentes
The search for Jolissa Fuentes will soon be boosted by the same team of volunteer divers who found Kiely Rodni's body (Jolissa Fuentes/Facebook, Placer County Sheriff's Office)

SELMA, CALIFORNIA: The group of search and recovery divers who found the remains of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni on Sunday, August 21, will next turn their attention to the Jolissa Fuentes case in Fresno County. Adventures with Purpose first dropped the news regarding the missing woman from Selma during an interview with the TV show News Nation on Friday, August 19. In a live stream on Monday, August 22, the group said it would be in Selma within the next two days.

"We will be taking the next two days to properly debrief, decompress and prepare for our next case, which is 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes in Selma, California," said AWP’s Doug Bishop. Fuentes was last seen at an AM/PM gas station on Nebraska Avenue around 4 am on August 7. Surveillance footage shows the Fuentes driving away in a 2011 gray Hyundai Accent with the license plate number 8MPU766, according to MEAWW


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A police search thus far proved ineffective in finding her. The Fuentes family had criticised the police for the lack of progress in the search, which was taking place about 320 miles south of Truckee, and the investigation into Kiely’s disappearance. "What I don’t understand is, if you’ve got all these resources and other agencies involved, police say the FBI is getting involved, we should have something," Fuentes’s father told the New York Post recently. "These are some of our top, trained agencies in the United States, supposedly."

Since then, the Fuentes’ family has been active on social media, distributing digital fliers, organizing a prayer vigil and multiple community search parties, and offering a $10,000 reward for any information on the case. A 'Find Jolissa Fuentes"' group has been created on Facebook to share thoughts, tips, and information on the case. Fuentes’ mother, Norma Nuñez, has been sharing daily updates, the latest news on the case, along with pictures of her daughter and requests for continued support.


News of the discovery of a car and body connected to Rodni has raised questions about the police search for the missing teenager, who was last seen at a party near Truckee on August 6. The AWP volunteer diving team said on Sunday that they were able to make a significant discovery within minutes of entering a lake already searched by police, who had allocated nearly 20,000 personnel hours to the Rodni case. Bishop also thanked law enforcement agencies including the FBI for working with his team of divers, who are known for their work on missing person cases. To date, the group claims to have solved 23 missing person cases. 


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