‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands- BMO’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the animation special on HBO Max

‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands- BMO’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the animation special on HBO Max
Handheld robot BMO (HBO Max)

‘Adventure Time’ was a long-running animation series on Cartoon Network created by Pendleton Ward. It aired on Cartoon Network from 2010 to 2018 with 10 seasons and 283 episodes, bagging an Emmy and Peabody Award for the franchise. And now, with the launch of HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max, the network is reviving the series with four different specials, each an hour long. The first one to get the green light is the upcoming special featuring the little robot, BMO.


Release date

The one-hour special ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands — BMO’ will premiere on June 25, 2020 only on HBO Max.


The series follows the adventures of Finn and his best friend and pet canine, Jake, who has magical powers of shifting shapes and sizes. Finn and Jake live in the Land of Ooo in a post-apocalyptic world and meet fascinating, strange and quirky characters like Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Marceline the Vampire Queen, among others.


The upcoming special reintroduces BMO as a robot in a cowboy hat. In the new chapter of the story, BMO teams up with a humanoid bunny, who lives on a space station and it’s in trouble. Together they are going to save the station and rise as heroes. The hour-long episode is not an extension of the original storyline but rather a spin-off that explores other parts of the universe outside of the Land of Ooo.


Voice cast

The voice cast of ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands- BMO’ features Niki Yang as BMO and Michelle Wong as KS-2. There is no other information at this time on the voice cast for the animated special. Watch this space for the latest updates.


The four special shows are based on the original animated series ‘Adventure Time’ created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto. ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands – BMO’ is produced by Cartoon Network Studios for HBO Max.



Take a peek into BMO’s upcoming adventures on a distant space station, which is full of hostile aliens and they are all set to bring destruction to the galaxy. Can the tiny robot outwit them and save the day?




Where to Watch

You can watch the one-hour special on HBO Max when it premieres on June 25.

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