HBO 'Adrienne': 3 most heartwarming scenes from Adrienne Shelly's last film 'Waitress'

'Waitress' delivers some beautiful moments and we will have a look at three of them ahead of the release of the late filmmaker's HBO documentary

                            HBO 'Adrienne': 3 most heartwarming scenes from Adrienne Shelly's last film 'Waitress'
Keri Russell as Jenna Hunterson and Adrienne Shelly as Dawn in 'Waitress' (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

HBO is bringing to audiences an emotional documentary on the late filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. The documentary is helmed by her husband Andy Ostroy and will bring to light and explore her murder.

Before her unfortunate demise, Shelley had worked on a movie called 'Waitress' which she had written, directed, and starred in. But before the movie could release and she could hear news of the movie's acceptance into the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, she had passed. The movie which she had written during her own pregnancy got a lot of praise, great reviews, and did well at the box office. Ahead of the release of 'Adrienne', here's a look at three of the most touching scenes from 'Waitress', which serves as Shelley's last appearance on film.


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1. The Friendship factor

Becky (Cheryl Hines) and Dawn (Adrienne Shelly) are Jenna's (Keri Russell) only two friends that provide her a sense of relief and normalcy in her exhausting and sad life. These are the only two with whom the expecting mother shares her dreams, troubles, and thoughts with. From offering each other rides home to relationship advice and dealing with heartbreak, the three are always there for each other. This warm friendship serves as one of the best parts of the movie as we see them have each other's backs.


2. The No-Expectations Hug

Jenna and her affair with her obstetrician, Jim Pomatter (Nathan Fillion) has more than just sexual tones as we see from this sweet scene. Jim who is worried about Jenna comes to check up on her and sees that she's not doing well. With no intentions whatsoever he asks her if she could teach him how to bake a pie to take her mind off a bit from her worries. As he pulls her in for a long, long hug she cries silently in his arms and hopes that someday her baby finds someone who would hold them for 20 minutes straight without pulling away or looking at their face or trying to kiss them and that all they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight without an ounce of selfishness to the action. This moment from the movie pulled at our heartstrings and highlighted the importance of non-sexual intimacy.


3. Off to a fresh start

Jenna's life has been made miserable by her abusive and possessive husband Earl (Jeremy Sisto), who is the main source of her frustration. Add to it the news of a baby and she was trapped with him. But when the baby she was so dreading and angry with finally came into the world, the new mother felt a strong bond and at that moment decided to shield her from Earl and give her a good life. In an uplifting moment, she calmly tells Earl who made her promise to love him more than the baby, that she has not loved him in years and will be divorcing him. As the livid man yells at her, Jenna is shown completely at peace and serene holding her newborn daughter whom she named Lulu. This scene brought much happiness as we see Jenna finally break off to start a new, happier life for her and Lulu.

Keri Russell as Jenna Hunterson in 'Waitress' (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

'Adrienne' releases December 1, 2021, at 8 pm ET. You can watch it on HBO and HBO Max.

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