Adele's estranged dad calls cops on neighbor for singing, playing his daughter's songs loudly

Adele's estranged dad calls cops on neighbor for singing, playing his daughter's songs loudly
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Adele's music has led to an incident involving police officers after her estranger father Mark Evans complained about his neighbor Keeley Fry blasting his famous daughter's songs. The 56-year-old man first complained about it to Fry soon after she had moved in. She has admitted to being a superfan of the Adele and talked about how she loves to sing along to the singer's hits. Now, however, she is scared to approach Evans, who lives with his wife in Bridgend, South Wales and is known to have walked out on his daughter when she was just two.

Fry, a mother of one, had moved in next to Evans two years ago, The Sun quotes her as saying "I just love singing Adele’s songs. All my friends say I sound just like her. I love playing her songs, too. I do play them loudly but not as bad as he makes out.” She continued: “Not long after, he asked me to not sing so loud or play my music loudly. He said it was affecting his sleep and that it’s very disturbing. I was surprised because I’m such a big Adele fan and most of the time I play her songs and sing along to them. I thought he’d appreciate it, not complain. I think he has an issue with me because I’m such a big Adele fan. I’m nervous to even leave the house just in case he or his wife come up to me. It has been an absolute nightmare.”

The outlet also adds that South Wales Police confirmed a noise complaint. While peace talks between the two are currently allegedly going on, a spokesperson for them shared: “The local Neighbourhood Policing Team is aware and is arranging to speak to both parties to resolve the matter.”

Evans, who has been estranged from his 32-year-old daughter, has regretted his bitter fallout with his daughter. As of last year, Evans earned £50 ($65.22) a day delivering packages for the company Yodel. He had left Adele’s mother Penny when the singer was a toddler and was hardly around as she grew up. In 2011, the 'Hello' singer cut him out for good after he blamed her rocky love life on his absence. Adele had said at the time: "He’ll never hear from me again."

Sources had also told The Sun: "He knows he’s made mistakes but he’d love to patch things up and get a bit of forgiveness. He’s not after her money or anything, he just wants to be a normal grandad and buy his grandson ice cream and stuff." That was shortly after Adele, who is worth £140million ($182m), was spotted at a New York recording studio, sparking rumors she is working on what would be her fourth album. The 'Someone Like You'-hitmaker has earned 18 Grammy nominations, out of 15 since 2009. She shares an eight-year-old son with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, who she was together with for 7 years, before separating in 2019.

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