Wells Adams takes to Instagram to cheer up girlfriend Sarah Hyland after her hospitalization

Wells Adams supported girlfriend Sarah Hyland after she was hospitalized over the weekend and took to social media to express his love.

                            Wells Adams takes to Instagram to cheer up girlfriend Sarah Hyland after her hospitalization
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams (Getty Images)

Wells Adams wants to be there for his girlfriend and 'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland in her time of need but he is so far away. But wanting to cheer her up while she is all glum and in pain, 33-year-old Adams took to Instagram to show her some love

He posted a photograph as an Instagram story during the weekend and captioned the photograph, "I miss this one a lot. Coming home soon baby!". Clearly happy by his post, 27-year-old Sarah Hyland reposted an adorable picture of the two of them smiling at each other and wrote, "Man, I miss my baby". Wells seems to be in Mexico and is reportedly filming the upcoming season of the reality TV series, 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

Recently, the 'Modern Family' star revealed that she had been hospitalized after "getting torn from work against my will". It is still not known why exactly Hyland was hospitalized. Sarah shared a scary picture showing just how unwell she was and was seen wearing a hospital gown. In a separate post, Sarah hinted that she was taken to the hospital on Monday (June 18) and is yet to be released. “Can’t wait to come back to my precious angel princess. She’s perfect and knows exactly what I need at all times,” she wrote alongside a video which showed her cuddling her dog on the bed. 

“This was taken this past Sunday. A day before hospitalization. She was literally telling me to get treatment,” she added. She was hospitalized for kidney disease earlier in 2017. Sarah has often been open about her health struggles. In March she tweeted for people who suffer from chronic pain every day. “For those who are chronically ill and in chronic pain: Have you had the experience of doctors not listening to you? If so, how do you not tear their heads off with your bare hands?” she said. 

In 2017, she even opened up about her 2012 kidney transplant after many fans called her out for being too thin. "Maybe one day I’ll talk about it but for now, I’d like my privacy. I will say that this year has brought a lot of changes and with that, physical changes."It’s never fun to look in the mirror and see your hard work at the gym fade away or have your legs be the size of one’s arms. But I know that when I get the clearance I will be able to get back to the STRONG, lean, and fabulous self I know I can be," she continued.