Who was Adam Pinkusiewicz? Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte’s suspected murderer killed himself

Adam Pinkusiewicz reportedly killed himself days after he allegedly took the lives of the newly-wed women

                            Who was Adam Pinkusiewicz? Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte’s suspected murderer killed himself
Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte’s were reportedly killed by Adam Pinkusiewicz (GRAND COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE and KYLEN SCHULTE FACEBOOK)

MOAB, UTAH: Months after Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were found dead near a campsite in Moab, Utah, a suspect has been identified. The alleged murderer has been identified as Adam Pinkusiewicz but he is no longer alive. The suspect reportedly killed himself days after taking the lives of the newly-wed women.

Turner and Schulte had tied the knot in April last year and were reportedly last seen at Woody’s Tavern. Their bodies that had multiple gunshot wounds were reportedly found in August 2021 by a family friend near the La Sal Mountains near Moab. The Grand County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) issued a statement announcing the new development in the case via their Facebook page. The statement noted: “Grand County Sheriff's Office has identified Adam Pinkusiewicz as a suspect in the double homicide of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck Turner.”


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It also continued, “Adam Pinkusiewicz was a former employee at the McDonald's that Crystal worked at located in Moab, Utah,” while mentioning that the cops tried many times to find and question him. The press release read: “Through continued analysis and collection of evidence, the GSCO had learned that the suspect was in the La Sals and Moab at the time of the murders, had left the State of Utah shortly after the homicides, then later committed suicide.”



“GSCO conducted numerous interviews and recently received information that prior to committing suicide, Adam Pinkusiewicz told another party that he had killed two women in Utah and provided specific details that were known only to investigators,” the release said while adding the case is still ongoing and “the GSCO is looking for any information regarding Adam Pinkusiewicz or his vehicle, a 2007 Yaris, and requesting anyone with information to contact the GSCO. Please call the Sheriff’s Office with any information at (435) 259 - 8115.”

Meanwhile, Kylen Schulte’s father Sean-Paul Schulte has expressed his happiness over the latest finding. He said, “Grand County Sheriff's Office was right. The case is very solvable. I hope they can process the evidence and close the case.” The update has also attracted a lot of public’s attention with many commenting below the police’s release.

A user said, “I was talking on the phone with a friend and burst into tears. I read it to her. We were both crying. I hope this is the closure we all need.” Another user wrote, “It is a shame he was not able to be arrested for these crimes. I really hope that this is the person and not just another false lead.” “I knew you would get to the bottom of this mystery. Congratulations on a job well done and following through to the end!” the third one added. Another comment read: “Good work Nathan Whitney and team!!! Thanks for all your patience with the sleuths . We ♥️♥️you.” Another comment added: “Great work GCSO. Now if we could just be patient and let you do the work.” “I didn’t know he committed suicide. Whoever tracked that down is sleuth extraordinary!! Sad sad sad if it’s him we will never see a trial. So sad!!” a person stated.

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