Actress Maura Tierney hospitalized after being hit by a car

Maura was out biking when the car behind her clipped her bike and set her flying to the ground. Initially she complained of back pain but was soon rushed to a nearby hospital later

                            Actress Maura Tierney hospitalized after being hit by a car

Maura Tierney' Monday has already started off on the wrong foot. As per reports, the actress was riding her bike in Marina del Rey, California, around noon time when a car behind her happened to clip the back wheel of her bicycle. As a result, Maura went flying off the vehicle and landed on the pavement, injuring herself.

TMZ shared the news first, detailing the incident, and in photos shared by the outlet, Maura can be seen sitting on the ground in the street as passersby who witness the accident, reached for her help. The particular photo shows Maura's sunglasses flung off on to the ground and in another photo posted by the website, she can be seen lying on the ground, on her back, her sandals off her feet. Maurna was clad in a pair of distressed jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt.

Reportedly, when EMTs arrived at the scene of the accident, Maura was complaining of back pain. This resulted in them putting a neck brace on her as just a precautionary measure. Following that, she was taken to the ambulance on a stretcher; as per the latest reports, she's at a nearby hospital getting treatment. The severity of her injuries is yet unknown.

Luckily, the driver who hit Maura's bike from behind, stayed back at the scene of the incident until the authorities could reach Maura. It is still unknown whether the driver was driving under the influence, but TMZ claims it was just an unfortunate accident.