Did Dan + Shay lip-sync at 2021 ACM Awards? Angry fans slam ‘yawnfest’ as duo calls it ‘technical glitch’

'Apparently there was an audio/video sync issue on the television broadcast,' the duo posted explaining what happened during their ACM Awards performance

                            Did Dan + Shay lip-sync at 2021 ACM Awards? Angry fans slam ‘yawnfest’ as duo calls it ‘technical glitch’
Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay (Getty Images)

The ACM Awards 2021 is underway and the performances are lined up. Some are done and Shay Mooney and Dany Smyers' act has gained immense traction. A lot can go wrong during a live award show and unfortunately, there were some technical issues that spoiled Dan and Shay's performance. 

During and after the pop duo's live performance, the Internet went into a tizzy as most fans couldn't believe they were lip-syncing. However, some were more than just pleased to hear them sing. The duo's performance of their latest single “Glad You Exist” at the Bluebird Cafe during the ACM Awards had a glitch that fans couldn't just look over. 




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The fans had already expressed their disappointment over it when Shay and Dan posted a tweet that clarified it was a technical glitch. "Apparently there was an audio/video sync issue on the television broadcast. we’re bummed about it, but it happens, especially when performances are happening in multiple locations. kudos to the 
@ACMawards for pulling off a great show," their handle posted.


But by then it was too late and the keyboard warriors had passed their judgment. "To go from powerhouses Carrie and CeCe Winans and then energetic Eric Church to yawnfest D** and Sh** is just...a letdown. #ACMAwards," one posted, while another shared: "Please tell me Dan and Shay weren’t lip sync hung and that the recording was lagging or something.. #ACMAwards."

"It’s been hard to watch the ridiculous establishment of country music for a while now. Eric church, brothers Osborne, Luke combs...real talent. Thomas Rhett, dan & Shay and all the others that all sound the same. You have no personality...I’m over it. #ACMAwards," one fan expressed. 

"Dan and shay missed their lip-sync so bad their disgraceful. #ACMawards," a user expressed. "Obviously, I missed the whole controversy because I was just listening to your voices and not looking at your lips. Kara," one tweeted in support of them. "Has anyone actually heard @DanAndShay sing live?! These guys wouldn’t lip sync. It’s a delay. It happens," another echoed.












Soon after lashing, the duo picked up 'Duo of the Year' award, which left some of their fans genuinely pleased. 

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