‘Stumptown’ Episode 18: Impatient fans request for Season 2 as finale ends with cliffhangers

‘Stumptown’ Episode 18: Impatient fans request for Season 2 as finale ends with cliffhangers
Dex Parios (ABC)

ABC’s ‘Stumptown’ finale, which aired on March 24, ended with a major cliffhanger as Dex is in shock to see an unexpected guest at her doorstep, thus teasing us with a development in her story arc. The audience is anxiously waiting for its second installment as it concluded with many questions that are yet to be found answered. While Dex Parios’s (Cobie Smulders) efforts finally pay off and she finds justice to Benjamin Blackbird’s  (Sam Marra) uncertain death, Grey McConnell (Jake Johnson)  embarks on a new journey by reconciling with his long lost father. 

Though ‘Stumptown’ lost its pace for a bit in the middle of the first season by overly concentrating on her promiscuity and gambling issues, it seems like fans are impressed with the creators’ decision to show a development in her character. 

One fan reacting to the finale wrote, “The best thing about the #Stumptown finale was that Dex saved herself. Hoffman or Grey didn’t arrive at the last minute to save the day. Dex did it herself, with a little help from Sue Lynn.” However, the majority of them are seen raving about the last episode as they request the network to renew the series soon and present them with a second season. 

While a few tweets read “Is there anything I can do to help ensure @StumptownABC doesn't get canceled?  I absolutely love it. #stumptown” and “@ABCNetwork Please renew #Stumptown! Funny, intriguing, mysterious, entertaining, etc.

The season finale struck the right chords among the viewers by introducing a major cliffhanger, which they aren’t able to wrap their heads around. 

One fan expressed “So #Stumptown is getting renewed or at least being optioned elsewhere for a season 2 right? It ended tonight on a double cliffhanger. @CobieSmulders @tasteofadrian @ColeSibus @CamrynManheim.”

While the first season mostly focused on Dex’s love life and professionalism, viewers are hoping that they’ll get to explore more of her family-related issues in the upcoming season. 

“Was it always the plan to bring Mom back? Yes, it the mystery, that Dex doesn’t know what happened. She came back from Afghanistan and found her brother in a home and her parents missing, so she’s carried this resentment about it for a long time. #stumptown” noted one fan.


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