‘Stumptown’ Finale Review: Dex’s adventures come full circle as PI finds justice for Benny’s death

‘Stumptown’ Finale Review: Dex’s adventures come full circle as PI finds justice for Benny’s death
Dex Parios (ABC)

The season finale of ‘Stumptown’ had it all. Although it briefly earned the wrath of its viewers for drifting away from the plotline and retaining a lot of mystery surrounding Dex Pario’s (Cobie Smulders) past, the series made up for all of it in its last episode. 

While the previous episode took a deep dive into Benjamin Blackbird (Sam Marra) and Dex’s relationship, the finale episode beautifully showcases the PI's unconditional love for her late lover. 

‘All Hands on Dex’ sees the PI wake up in the federal hospital after being convicted for the murder of TJ.  However, her time in the jail is short-lived as Detective Miles Hoffman’s father bails her out. What unfolds later is what defines the last episode. 

Although she is under the watch of multiple cops, a determined Dex goes looking for Benny’s squad members in the pursuit of truth. However, much to her dismay, she learns that the love of her life was killed by his own friends to get away with a robbery in Afghanistan. 

Dex wouldn’t stop at this. Even when Grey McConnell (Jake Johnson) asks her what is it that she’s after, which is pushing her to go beyond her limits, she simply says “It’s all for Benny”

The rest of the segment navigates Dex’s struggles to trace the last member from Benny’s squad, only to bring  justice to Benny’s death

Meanwhile, the finale also delivers more clarity on Grey’s relationship with his father as the two work towards rekindling their relationship. 

And, it also brings Ansel Parios (Cole Sibus) and Dex close as the former experiences his first heartbreak and when his love life falls apart, he goes back crawling to Dex, proving she was right all along about him leading life on his own. 

However, ‘Stumptown’ ends with a major cliffhanger as Dex’s mother miraculously appears at her doorstep. While the PI just got rid of years of resentment and self-loathing after hunting down Benny’s killer, she’s faced with a new challenge on the personal end. 

Dex’s relationship with her mother could make for one interesting story arc if the series returns with a second installment. Definitely there wouldn’t be a dearth of her whizbang actions, but how will reworking on a parched relationship, which was non-existent for years, be for our favorite PI? 


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