'Stumptown' Episode 17: Could we expect another twist in Dex and Grey's will-they-won't-they relationship?

'Stumptown' Episode 17: Could we expect another twist in Dex and Grey's will-they-won't-they relationship?
Grey McConnell, Dex Parios (ABC)

As observed throughout the first season of 'Stumptown', Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) and Grey McConnell (Jake Johnson) share an extremely complex yet eerily comforting relationship. While the series specifically labeled the majority of the relationships, it is yet to peel layers of Dex and Grey's association to define their relationship. 

With only two episodes left in the current season, the development in Dex and Grey's relationship is much-anticipated especially since 'Stumptown' took deep dives into their individual persona in the last few episodes. 

Among all the twists that we could possibly witness in the upcoming episodes, a better insight into Grey and Dex’s past or more clarity on their relationship is one of the factors to look forward to.

What could make that happen you ask? Well, they only have each other as best friends and Grey understands her like nobody else. What would Dex need more than the only person she trusts after Ansel to spend the rest of her life with? Especially considering her issues which she isn't been able to deal with efficiently and after seeing how Grey has pulled her back each time she went in a downward spiral.

But, forever together would be a far-fetched dream for Grey and Dex shippers, considering all that went down between these two since the time they first met and yes, decided to hook up. More on that later. 

However, the last episode of 'Stumptown', which saw a short-lived chemistry spark between the two friends in the motel in LA, teased us with a possibility of once again watching Dex and Grey do the whoopee.

Should it come to that, will they be able to dodge the bullet?

Also, it has been established that there's more to their relationship besides friendship and a one-night-stand. Dex, Ansel Parios (Cole Sibus) and Grey are literally a family and one couldn't deny that. When Ansel decided to stay away for a while to check his bucket list, Grey welcomed him into his home.

Driven by her motherly instincts when Dex refused to allow Ansel to take the driving test, Grey comes to the rescue before another trouble could ensue between the siblings. So it isn't only Dex with PDST and gambling issues that Grey is dealing with, but also holding her and Ansel together as a family. 

Although we are excited to watch the last bit of Dex's whizbang drama before 'Stumptown' ends, a bit of melodrama in the form of romance or anything remotely close to that would serve up some good emotions to cherish. 

'Stumptown' airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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