ABC greenlights pilot order for plane crash drama 'Wreckage' with elements similar to 'Lost' and 'Manifest'

ABC greenlights pilot order for plane crash drama 'Wreckage' with elements similar to 'Lost' and 'Manifest'
L-R: 'Lost' (ABC) and 'Manifest' (NBC)

It has been nearly a decade since ‘Lost’ ended. The ABC show found cult-like success and still has fans raving about the show today.

‘Manifest’ just started its second season on NBC. The ‘Lost’-like series focused on a flight that disappeared and then reappeared five-and-a-half years later. The passengers of the flight then begin experiencing visions that help them prevent deaths. The show found success in its first season despite the naysayers.

Now, it looks like ABC will be looking to fill the ‘Lost’-shaped gap in viewers’ lives and has ordered a pilot for a new show from Marc Webb called ‘Wreckage’, based on the novel of the same name by Emily Bleeker.

The novel came out in 2015 and revolves around the lives of two plane crash survivors, Lillian Linden and Dave Hall – who were rescued off a deserted island in the South Pacific almost four years after the crash.

When they go back to their normal lives, Lillian and Dave have to lie about what transpired on the island, however, secrets threaten to ruin their lives and that of their families once they become targets of the media who will do anything to dig the holes in their stories.


The script for the pilot will be written by Jacquie Walters who will also be the co-executive producer. Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly will serve as executive producers along with Marc Webb, Mark Martin, and Keith Samples. Bleeker will serve as a consultant for the potential series. Marc Webb will also direct the pilot.

Last year, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke said at a Television Critics Association (TCA) event that the network might explore a ‘Lost’-reboot. She said, “Yes, I would like that [a reboot] very much. That is a reboot I would be interested in seeing,” adding that she would consider the same for ‘Alias’ as well.


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