‘For Life’ Episode 6: 50 Cent comes in as a major character; how will it serve Aaron?

‘For Life’ Episode 6: 50 Cent comes in as a major character; how will it serve Aaron?
Cassius Dawkins (ABC)

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) continues to fight for the freedom of his fellow inmates, despite his chances of evading imprisonment of a lifetime is narrowing by each passing trial. After his attempt to overturn his conviction miserably failed during the retrial, Aaron has only one chance to set himself free by fighting his own case. 

However, in an attempt to bring justice to a criminal as promised in the previous episode, Aaron put his own life on the line. Apart from dreading the thought of being subjected to violence by fellow prisoners whose wrath he has earned for helping a convict escape his time, Aaron also needs to worry about finding the right witness to testify for him in the upcoming hearing. 

After legal representation of self and efforts of a few external attorneys who came forward to take up his case, 50 Cent is entering the prison to help Aaron, or that’s what he says.  

The official synopsis for Episode 6 states, “Aaron confronts O'Reilly in court, targeting the search warrant used in Aaron's arrest and the DA's failure to disclose a confidential informant. Marie's father comes to town, intent on encouraging her and Darius to solidify their relationship. Maskins arranges for a dangerous inmate, Cassius Dawkins, to be transferred to Bellmore in hopes that he'll cause problems for Safiya and Aaron”

The trailer shows Cassius being transferred to the prison where Aaron is stationed. He tries to befriend Aaron by offering him help. However, the synopsis reveals that it’s a pretense from Cassius’s end. He has been appointed by Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver) to thwart Aaron and Safiya Masry's (Indira Varma) big plans for prison and to intimidate the former, who has been fighting an uphill battle against the District Attorney's office. 

Meanwhile, we could also expect a lot of drama unfold on Aaron’s personal end, as Marie’s father is seen pushing his daughter to tie the knot with Darius, as her husband seems to be trapped in the vicious cycle of injustice forever. 

We could also expect Aaron's representation in one of the cases of the inmates, putting his skills to works and trying to leverage it for his own freedom. 

‘For Life’ airs on Tuesdays on ABC.

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