'For Life' Episode 6: 50 Cent's guest appearance has fans calling it his best on-screen performance ever

'For Life' Episode 6: 50 Cent's guest appearance has fans calling it his best on-screen performance ever
Cassius Dawkins (ABC)

With five episodes under its belt, ABC's legal drama series in its latest installment presented to us 50 Cent as a newly transferred prison inmate Cassius Dawkins. While numerous theories prior to his appearance on the show speculated his role and its impact on Aaron's ongoing battle against the legal system, it seems like 50 Cent's character has much more to offer.

On watching 'Burner', fans couldn’t stop raving about 50 Cent's introduction to start with. One fan noted, "50 poppin out with Pop Smoke playing in the background is a helluva intro to his character  #ForLife R.I.P Pop tho."

Some are already seen predicting his next move. "I think Cassius @50cent is going to turn everyone against Aaron @nicholaspinnock and potentially attempt to kill him. I know he’s about to take the jail #ForLife #abc #50cent," said another fan. 

 A few of the viewers took to social media to congratulate 50 Cent on his brilliant creation. One of the fans wrote, "This is the Curtis Jackson’s best on-screen performance to date! And it gets better as the episodes go on. You wait and see. #ForLife @ForLife_ABC."

"Might be your BEST Producing work yet brother! My wife and I LOVE this fucking show!" added another. 

One fan said, "Introducing Cassius @ForLife_ABC  took this show in a completely different direction. Incredible episode. Great acting BUT AARON.. imma need you to throw the whole phone away bro #forlife."

Although 50 Cent headlined the last episode, 'Burner' continued to focus on Marie (Joy Bryant) and Aaron Wallace's (Nicholas Pinnock) parched relationship, especially after the former’s father gave Darius the ring to propose to his daughter. 

Fans who aren’t too convinced with Marie dating Darius, wrote, "#ForLife: You know what I think, F$%& Grandpa Earl's Feelings... He never supported or believed in his Son-in-law Aaron. Aaron should stand strong and not cave into his demands. @ForLife_ABC."

Another fan noted that 'For Life' keeps getting better. "This show is so good, I can barely tweet while I'm watching it. I love this show!!! #ForLife," one fan further added. 


'For Life' airs on Tuesdays on ABC.

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