Abby Lee Miller forgets cancer battle for a while as she tears up listening to a singer serenade her in hospital

Abee Lee Miller has been staying strong amid her battle with cancer and when a man sang to her she was able to forget her ailments for a while.

                            Abby Lee Miller forgets cancer battle for a while as she tears up listening to a singer serenade her in hospital
Abby Lee Miller (Source:Getty Images)

Abby Lee Miller has been keeping her fans updated on the progress of her chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with cancer. Recently, Abby took to Instagram to share a video of Mackenzie Sol, a singer, helping her keep her spirits high. The video shows the Dance Moms star sitting in her wheelchair with a mask over her mouth and Mackenzie singing “I just want you to know who I am” while playing his guitar. Abby seemed overwhelmed and could not stop herself from getting teary-eyed. She captioned the video as "I bet I’m the only patient who gets Serenaded between Physical Therapy! Thank you @mackenziesol for lifting my spirits and making me forget my ailments for a while!"

The lyrics of the song further go as “And I don’t want the world to see me ’cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.” As Mackenzie ends his song, Abby is spotted clapping and cheering for the young lad. She then puts her mask back on as a health care worker sits beside her. Mackenzie is quick to comment that he made her cry. 

Several fans started commenting words of support for the 'Dance Mom' star. "Omg Abby you have come so far I'm really proud of you I hope this makes your day," wrote one. While another added, "you are so strong I love you and you will always be the wonderful and amazing woman."

This comes after Abby shared a picture of her enjoying the summer in LA. Reclining her wheelchair, Abby was spotted enjoying the summer sun. "It’s Lit in LA! I have everything I need! Well almost, hey there @tiffanyhaddish where’s your Pool Boy? #abbyleemiller #dancemoms #abbylee#aldc #aldcla #spinesurgery" she captioned the picture.  Abby also took to Instagram to let her fans know that she will be undergoing chemotherapy.

She posted a picture looking right at the camera with a surprised expression. HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW...#abbyleemiller #dancemoms #aldc #aldcla#chemo" she captioned the picture. Fans were quick to send in messages of support as one wrote "get well soon", while another reminded her that "hair grows back".  Days after it was reported that the reality star was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery for what was considered to be a spinal infection, it was reported that she is suffering from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, who had also performed the surgery on Abby confirmed the news to People.

“It was not an infection, it was a type of a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – it’s a type of cancer,” he said at that time. "We’re getting an oncologist involved and we have to figure out what the next steps are as far as chemotherapy or radiation or more spine surgery. Depending on the tumor type, depending on the sensitivity of the tumor – it just depends on the type but I feel more than yes, she will undergo chemotherapy or radiation.”