Aaron K Quinones: Florida guy nearly strangles woman with SHOELACE at bus stop

Aaron K Quinones, 27, was charged with attempted felony murder after his unorthodox murder attempt

                             Aaron K Quinones: Florida guy nearly strangles woman with SHOELACE at bus stop
Screengrabs from video footage that showed Aaron K Quinones, 27, attempting to murder the woman at a Miami-Dade transit bus stop (Photo by onlyindade/Instagram)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: A horrifying video shows a Florida guy sneaking up behind a lady at a bus stop and attempting to strangle her with a shoelace before pummeling her as she struggles for her life. After the attack in broad daylight at a Miami-Dade transit bus stop, Aaron K Quinones, 27, was charged with attempted felony murder, officials said. The 26-year-old victim was attacked while waiting for the bus on January 2 at 11 am, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

In the security footage, the victim can be seen sitting on a seat, seemingly texting. The attacker stands behind her, and then put one of his legs on the long seat to appear to be tying his shoe. As he nonchalantly approaches up behind the victim and pulls the lace around her neck, he anxiously looks around and seems to take the lace off. The victim struggles to break away from the suspect's clutches, but the suspect keeps on strangling her. As a Good Samaritan comes to intervene, the victim tried to fight back and a violent battle starts. The attacker thrashes around, throwing multiple wild fists at the victim.


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"Had it not been for a Good Samaritan that stepped in that basically stopped this individual from attacking this victim, the outcome would have been way worse." Miami-Dade police officer Angel Rodriguez said. The suspect left the scene when a witness yanked him away from the woman, according to police. The victim was rescued by a security guard at the bus terminal. The woman's injuries are unclear at this time. According to Florida state law, her identity has not been revealed.


Police released a statement saying, “The Miami-Dade Police Department, Airport District has arrested an individual for attempting to strangle a female at a bus stop. According to investigators, the victim was waiting for a bus when the subject approached her from behind and began to strangle her with a shoelace.  As the victim attempted to defend herself, the subject beat her repeatedly. A good samaritan stepped in to stop the attack, and the subject fled on foot.  Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded and treated the victim on the scene.  Officers patrolling the area located the subject matching the description provided by the dispatcher.  The subject was arrested and charged accordingly.  Officers want to speak to the good samaritan, who was not on the scene when they arrived.  Investigators urge anyone that has any information or that may have been victimized by this individual to call the Airport District at (305) 867-7373. The investigation continues.”

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