Florida Ferris wheel operator attacks Black mom in shocking video, crowd beats him up

The operator was scolded by the woman resulting in a scuffle, and people around also jumped in to help the mother

                            Florida Ferris wheel operator attacks Black mom in shocking video, crowd beats him up
The ferris wheel operator and the mother seen just moments before the fight (Twitter)

A video captured a Ferris wheel operator attacking a woman while she and her child was getting down from the ride. The crowd also joined in and fought him back. Reportedly, the incident occurred on Saturday, April 17 at the Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market Carnival in Miami-Dade County. The video showed the woman yelling at the operator as she got off the ride. 

It was also seen that the operator seemed to push her back and putting his hands on her, appearing to choke her. At this time, one of the two children of the woman was pushed down to the hard floor of the ride resulting in onlookers' wrath. A few minutes later, the video showed a man and a second woman jump through the ride's gate to help the woman the operator was fighting with.


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After the first two jumped in, more onlookers joined in and kicked and punched the operator. It was also reported that earlier in the evening, the same operator had fought with someone else, and that incident too had been recorded. 

One user shared the video on Twitter and wrote, "opa locka flea fighting." To this another replied, "Okay, so apparently dude was just on one that night... tried to fight his coworker and everything. Look at this shit! Just before the fight happened."


Many users on Twitter responded to the video and said the operator was not fit for this job, one user wrote, "Why people have jobs that deal with customer service or just assist people and KIDS, nonetheless, yet act like traaaaaaash...why, just why?! This job is not for you." Another wrote, "So he was just one big unstable ass individual (the entire night) that the amusement park may of hired on a whim?!?"



One user also tried to bring attention to why the woman scolded the operator and said, "Key video. The initial video “some ppl”would've automatically blamed the mom as causing problems even though all she was doing was calling him out. & well justified- that man was endangering everyone (kids and all) on the ride & around it. Her momma bear instincts came out." Another user commented, "I can not believe what I just saw. That child was still holding on to the ride & mother was still standing up when he pressed the button. He could've killed them both. He needs needs to be arrested & sued."



Referring to how it is very important to understand context, one user explained, "This is the importance of a back story cause he brought all that ass whoopin upon himself," while another added," Even if there wasn’t this backstory, he still put his hands on that woman first. The kids falling over and shit. Customers will always argue for whatever reason, but that’s no means to attack them physically unless maybe they do it first and you’re just defending yourself."


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