Who is Aaron Franklin Brink? Club Q gunman Anderson Aldrich's dad is ex-con former MMA fighter turned porn star

Who is Aaron Franklin Brink? Club Q gunman Anderson Aldrich's dad is ex-con former MMA fighter turned porn star
Anderson Lee Aldrich's (R) father Aaron Franklin Brink (L) reportedly divorced his mother when he was only a baby (IMDB and Laura Voepel/Facebook )

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: Colorado gunman Anderson Lee Aldrich's father is reportedly an ex-con former MMA fighter-turned-porn star. Aaron Franklin Brink, 51, has appeared on TV in 'Intervention' and 'Divorce Court'. Aldrich carried out a mass shooting on Saturday, November 19, on the eve of The Transgender Day of Remembrance at a Colorado gay club called Club Q. Five people died in the attack which is being investigated as a hate crime.

Aldrich is in police custody at present. The 22-year-old was tackled by at least two heroic patrons during the attack. Besides the five people who died, another 25 were injured. Aldrich had previously been arrested in June 2021 for a bomb threat, but they were never formally charged. 


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Who is Anderson Lee Aldrich's father Aaron Franklin Brink?

Brink reportedly began entering the mixed-martial-arts cage in late 1998. This was about a year and a half before Aldrich was born, according to the Denver Gazette. Brink had as many as 21 victories in the cage and 18 losses, including during appearances with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), MMA Junkie said in a profile.

Brink reportedly divorced Aldrich’s mom when their son was only a baby. He took up porn acting when he was 27 under the name Dick Delaware. “I met this porn producer,” Brink told MMA Junkie in 2009. “I was f-king around with some girls at a party, and he noticed I was very gifted. He said, ‘Man, you’re a goddamn pro. If you get a test, I’ll put you in a scene." He added, "So I got into a few scenes. I was making some money."

Brink was seen in XXX video gems like 'White Boys Can Hump' in 2016, among others, according to his IMDb page. The page reads, "Brink was born in Huntington Beach, CA. The son of a "blue collar worker", Aaron Brink took up wrestling and surfing. Though he loved surfing, he took up wrestling to show his dad he was still being athletic. He began wrestling at age eight and continued to wrestle along with his surfing during high school. However, problems led to him being expelled from Huntington High School for fighting. From 1989-92 he was in and out of juvenile hall eight times for different issues. It was after serving a prison stretch that he began a new path that would prove more his calling. At age 24--the time when he was finally released--he reunited with an old high school friend Tito Ortiz. With Ortiz's encouragement Brink began his pursuit of an MMA career. It began in 1998 and over the next five years he fought 24 times."

Brink had a troubled childhood. He was put in juvenile detention and also had a federal prison stint for smuggling pot into the US from Mexico. At 24, he was released from serving hard time. A friend asked him to consider MMA fighting. "In 2003 he adopted the stage name of Dick Delaware, which he would use to begin his venture into the adult-film industry. He met a porn producer at a party, who encouraged him to give the porn field a try. Brink admits that once he got into the porn business he got into drugs. Although he overcame an initial problem with crystal methamphetamine, he fell prey to other drugs. He appeared on the A&E reality show Intervention (2005) after his wife e-mailed the show with his back-story and problems. Since that time Delaware has made a considerable return to both professions that were almost lost to him after his drug problems arose," his IMDB page reads.

Brink's criminal history includes convictions for battery against Aldrich's mother Laura Voepel. After a 2002 misdemeanor battery conviction in California, a protective order was issued, and it initially barred Brink from contacting the suspect or his mother except through an attorney. However, this was later changed to allow monitored visits with the child. 

Voepel also has had a troubled past, with three current arrest warrants out for her in California. She has had previous busts, including for arson in 2012 in Texas. 

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