Who will inherit Aaron Carter's estate? Troubled singer, 34, died without a will

Who will inherit Aaron Carter's estate? Troubled singer, 34, died without a will
Aaron Carter died without leaving a will and so his estate might go to his 11-month-old son Prince (Getty Images)

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA: Aaron Carter died without a will, which means the state of California will determine who inherits the tragic star's estate. 

Like most other US states, California law dictates that any property belonging to a single parent, should they die without a will, goes directly to their children. Reports suggested the embattled singer was not on the best of terms with his fiancee Melanie Martin, and so his estate will probably go to their 11-month-old son Prince. The LA County and Department of Children and Family Services reportedly removed Prince from the couple's home due to their ongoing conflict. The child has been living with Martin's mother since September.


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Family sources told TMZ that Carter's attorneys had advised him to make a will considering a child was dependent on him. However, the 'I Want Candy' hitmaker did not get around to making it before his tragic demise earlier in November. An insider told the outlet that he was not in a good place financially and was living hand to mouth at the time of his death, having burned through his earnings in a short period. The only property of value in Carter's name was the house which was currently on the market, and so his 11-month-old son may have security in any equity the sale brings.


Aside from his fiancee, Carter also had strained relations with his siblings. Both his estranged sister Angel and his famed brother, Backstreet Boys singer Nick, had restraining orders against him, meaning any direct correspondence between the siblings was out of the question - at least within the confines of the law. Nick first got the restraining order against his brother in 2019 after Carter allegedly threatened to kill Nick's pregnant wife and unborn child. Angel also got a restraining order the same year, accusing Carter of threatening to send hit men to her residence.

Aaron and Nick Carter (L) aririve for the
Aaron and Nick Carter arrive for the 'Simple Life 2' Welcome Home Party at The Spider Club on April 14, 2004, in Hollywood, California (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

In the weeks leading up to Carter's death, however, it seemed like the ice was finally thawing. Insiders told TMZ that Carter felt the siblings were back on good terms. Nick paid tribute to his late brother at a concert this week, saying he still loved him despite their rocky relationship. He said that Carter's untimely demise broke his heart, but as fate would have it, the brothers weren't able to talk to each other directly before the singer died.


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The troubled star was found dead at the age of 34 in the bathtub at his house in Lancaster on Saturday, November 5. While the official cause of death is still a mystery, his family believes his death was not intentional. Carter's deceased body was found in the bathtub by his house sitter. He is said to have been in the tub for a considerable period before he was found. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they discovered evidence of medication and compressed air cans in his bathroom. The insider also said there was no suicide note at the scene.

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