Stuck in a jam on expressway, woman decides to pass time by sunbathing on the road

Stuck in a jam on expressway, woman decides to pass time by sunbathing on the road
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An oxygen tanker caught fire on the M62 express motorway on Saturday causing a massive traffic jam.

With nothing to do but wait for the logjam to clear, some vehicle owners took to innovative ways to pass the time, including a woman who decided to sunbathe right in the middle of the road.

Lilly Willets, 27, was on en route to Blackpool with her boyfriend Sam Wadsworth when they were stuck in the traffic between Junction 21 and 22 of the expressway.

The couple was just one of the thousands of people who were stuck in the cars under the painful heat.

This is when Lily decided to hop out with a blanket and soak some of the sun rays leaving some of the onlookers surprised.

Lily, a mother of two, from York, Yorkshire spoke to The Mirror, "As the weather was so good we decided to do something nice"

“We set out at 10.15 am as we had a full day planned out, we were going to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Madame Tussauds.

“We were driving down the M62 having just stopped at the services when we saw a big cloud of smoke, and all of sudden came to a standstill."

The motorway was filled with a tremendous line of cars.

Lily added, "When we got stuck in the traffic jam I spat my dummy out as we had all these plans – I’m quite a diva"

“This was at about 12.30pm and on social media, it said it was looking like we’d be there until 5 pm, we were gutted"

“I suddenly thought b*gger this, I want a tan. While I’m here I might as well make the most of it.”

Lily said: “We got out straight away because it was boiling in the van. We went for a walk, not too far, we just went up an embankment where a man gave us two bottles of water, he was lovely.

“I then decided to work on my tan and lay in the road surrounded by stationary cars. I wasn’t bothered about people looking at me."

“The way the weather was I thought there might be people further down the motorway doing the same but I guess not given the number of people who commented on the picture I posted on social media.

"I’ve never done it before but at the time I just did what I needed to do.


“I sunned myself for about 20 minutes then there was talk that people were going to start moving so I jumped back in the van. I got a lovely tan.”

Sam, 26, her partner said: “It was a case of making the best of a bad situation - might as well get a tan while we were there.

“We were just sat on the barriers on the central reservation and then Lily got the blanket out.

The traffic started moving at 3.45 pm.

Lily said: “If I ever got stuck in another traffic jam like that I’ll definitely do it again, but next time I'd make sure I take more pictures.”


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 A woman after being stuck in traffic decides to sunbathe in the middle of the motorway