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Elderly man mercilessly beats his granddaughter after she stopped him from cutting a line

Forget listening to the little kid, the man feeling 'disrespected' by his granddaughter's insistence on standing in line sent him into a flying rage
UPDATED FEB 19, 2020
(Source: Getty Images)
(Source: Getty Images)

An elderly man has been recorded hitting his granddaughter mercilessly after she reportedly stopped him from cutting the line at a bubble tea shop in China. The grandfather's behavior with a child has outraged people on Chinese social media after the video footage appeared online. 

According to a report by Daily Mail, the man reportedly attempted to push his way across the line in a crowded shop to pay for their drinks. The cashier initially refused to take their orders and the granddaughter insisted that they should wait in the line until their turn comes.

However, the man perceived it as mischievous and disrespectful by reacting furiously

Then, in the video footage, the man is seen hitting his granddaughter repeatedly on the back of her head and abusing her in the crowded bubble tea shop in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province. 

He then yanked the girl away from the cashier's desk and violently dragged her to the side. "The grandfather insisted that jumping the queue would save them a lot of time," a store worker at the bubble tea shop told Kan Kan news.

"But the granddaughter refused and kept arguing with him, he then started hitting the poor girl angrily," he added.

Witnesses in the shop then told the cashier to serve their drinks first. The video is posted online on all over the Chinese media, the comment section of the video on Miaopai was flooded with outraged viewers. One comment read, "A good child can be broken by such man." "How are you supposed to set a good example for your grandchildren when you are behaving like that?" one questioned.

"He should be embarrassed that his granddaughter knows more manners than him!" said another.

A similar video went viral on Chinese social media in March this year, where a Chinese man was found brutally beating his 90-year-old mother. In the video, the mother draped in purple, is sitting on a chair as the son raises his hand and attempts to deliver a blow to the side of the head. The 90-year-old mentally ill woman attempts to raise her left hand in self-defense but still gets hit.

The woman later tries to defend herself by raising her hand, at one point she even tries to kick the man to keep herself away from him. The woman even tried to seek help from the cameraman but at no point, he helps the woman. The video drew widespread condemnation from citizens and police worked quickly to track the man down and take him into custody. According to a police statement, officers launched an investigation into the incident on March 22 March

Another incident of brutality and child abuse out of China was seen in April this year when a man was caught on record body slamming a child and kicking the seven-year-old boy. The video, recorded on the bus' surveillance camera, shows the child purposely kicking the man sitting across him.

In retaliation, the enraged man lifted the child up, slammed him to the floor and stomped on his head multiple times until other passengers intervened. The child caught a lucky break as he went home with a swollen face and not any lasting injuries. The man later apologized to the boy and his family saying that work stress had caused him to behave in this manner.