'A Simple Favor' may be a dark thriller but that's not stopping Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick's satirical promos

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are known for their comedic genius, making their take on this twisted thriller all the more intriguing

                            'A Simple Favor' may be a dark thriller but that's not stopping Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick's satirical promos

"We all have secrets", goes the teasing, opening line for the trailer to upcoming dark thriller 'A Simple Favor' starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. And while it may sound like a film version of 'Pretty Little Liars', Lively and Kendrick's secret is their signature comedic style when it comes to promoting even a classic thriller like this. 

The highly hyped film is set to hit theatres this Friday. The Paul Feig movie revolves around "Stephanie (Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town," as Harper describes it. Considering the two comedy actors playing the leading ladies in it, it may be hard to take the movie's mysterious tone seriously. However, 'A Simple Favor' is, in fact, a dark thriller, with Forbes describing it as 'a delicious adult thriller'. Bustle also notes the thrill potential of the film, stating that it could very well be 'a true story' with that dark a plot.

And with such high expectations akin to what one might have from a Fincher film usually, you'd think Lively and Kendrick would wear a more serious hat while promoting the film on social media, but no. The queens of comedy are having their own share of twisted fun with the promos, releasing tiny 10-second clips on Instagram with the lines 'It's not what you think'. 

From enjoying a martini in the middle of a graveyard, with a bunch of lilies in her hand, to lounging on the hood of a broken down car halfway in a murky pond - Kendrick looks ravishing in her mommy-vlogger avatar as she tries to play with the theme of the story. Not only do the clips tease viewers with an underlining tone of potential satire for dark thrillers, but it only grips us further because fans and followers just can't make up their mind about what to expect. 


It is the captions, courtesy Lively, that fans have to look out for. While both the clips show Kendrick clad in sophisticated cocktail dresses, the graveyard one is captioned: "It’s five o’clock somewhere..." - mimicking the whole soccer mom with an alcohol problem stereotype. As for the one where Kendrick is on the sinking car, she looks particularly flaming in the video, whose caption reads: "Tight lips sink ships..."


And then comes Lively's version of the latently sinister teasers. In one of them, she's clad in a partially jazzy business suit, lounging in what looks like a comfy fireplace, enjoying a cocktail, as flames emerge around her and the 'Gossip Girl' queen can be seen staring into nothingness with her feet rested on a man's back - sort of like her own personal ottoman. As she very subtly points out in the caption: "Nothing like a crackling fire and your favorite ottoMAN... 🥂"


But the most recent one takes it a step further as Lively - clad in an all-white pantsuit - looks directly at the camera, having spilled a jar full of blended tomato. The look in her eyes only accelerates the symbolism in the blended tomatoes as the splattered red mess might as well be human blood. The caption? "Just. Blend. In."


If the trailer is any proof, there's more to watch out for than just Lively's snarky sense of humor in real life. But for now, we're tripping on the two queens slaying dark thriller with their comedic genius!