Teacher resigns after he's caught on camera telling kids he's 'f*****g done playing with you idiots'

After a video of a teacher yelling obscenities went viral, the North Carolina high school teacher at Southwest High School resigned.

                            Teacher resigns after he's caught on camera telling kids he's 'f*****g done playing with you idiots'
Cimayiah Josey, the student who recorded the viral clip, claimed she was afraid for her life throughout the rant, and her mother, Nicky Josey(screenshot @MScaranoNews/Twitter & nicky.josey/Facebook)

A foul-mouthed North Carolina teacher resigned after he was caught on camera telling his students that he was 'f–king done playing with you idiots.' According to WCTI, the anonymous teacher at Southwest High School in Jacksonville was fired last week Friday (March 18)  after his 'inappropriate verbal outburst’ was filmed by one of his students. Cimayiah Josey, the student from the school who recorded the whole incident told, "I was scared. I had no idea what to do."

The teacher was angry and asked the students if they were going to challenge his authority, according to Cimayiah's recording, which went viral online last week. The teacher raged on the video, “Because I am f–kng done playing with you idiots. I am here because I want to be here. I somewhat enjoy this job. You need something from me, I need nothing from you.” The teacher then switched to racially offensive remarks, according to Cimayiah.


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The teacher said, “You can go through life and live on the f–king system, draw your paycheck on the first and the fifteenth from my taxes and live just an absolute horrible life, I don’t care. You can be another statistic, I don’t care. That’s on you.” The teacher shouted at one point, “and if you don’t like my language, I don’t give a s–t.” The instructor then spotted Cimayiah reacting to his harsh statements and asked her to leave the classroom. 


Cimayiah admitted the instructor exploded after one student failed to put their phone and computer away at the start of class, but claimed he went too far. She told, “I felt like what he was saying was wrong, I felt like it was racially motivated. It was disrespectful. Your job is to encourage me and push me to be the best I can be. Even though it wasn’t said directly to me, dang, that’s how you really think about us?”  The teen’s mother, Nicky Josey stated in a Facebook post that the video made her cry as her daughter informed her she feared for her life during the teacher’s outburst. “This is not ok!!! I understand as an educator stuff can be challenging at times, it can get difficult, but you should never berate and belittle children in this manner,” she remarked on her post. 



After his caught-on-camera outburst during a first-period class, officials at Onslow County Schools announced the anonymous instructor was told to resign. School officials told WCTI, “In the Onslow County School system, we expect only the highest standards of behavior from our students and staff, and that we treat every member of our school family with dignity and respect. The type of behavior exhibited in this situation will not be tolerated and is certainly not representative of the employees of Southwest High School, or any other employees who work in our district.” 

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