Behavior training gone wrong: Man in South Florida bit his dog's ear to 'establish dominance'

Behavior training gone wrong: Man in South Florida bit his dog's ear to 'establish dominance'
Patrick Campbell was extremely abusive to the Siberian Husky (Source: Getty Images/Police Department)

A South Florida man bit his dog's ear in an effort "to establish dominance" over the animal. Patrick Campbell, 27, of Lake Worth, Florida, was arrested on Thursday for his gruesome act on the charge of animal cruelty.

According to a report by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the deputy went to Campbell's house after receiving a complaint about somebody abusing a dog. The caller claimed to hear "slamming noises coming from the apartment" reported Local10.

When the deputy arrived at the apartment, Campbell's roommates attended to him and told him that Campbell was disciplining his 2-year-old Siberian Husky called Dmitri. They told the deputy, he, "beat the hell out of him"  

The deputy searched the apartment and found the dog in the bedroom closet where he was shaking and his ear was bleeding. Campbell tried to hide the dog and pushed a couch against the closet.  Deputy said the place smelled like urine and feces with blood on the floor.

The deputy questioned Campbell about the blood coming out of Dmitri's ear and he explained saying, "I bit him to establish dominance"  according to the report.

Campbell was taken to the jail for animal cruelty. He voluntarily gave up the dog and Dmitri, now,  has been to taken to Palm Beach County Animal care and control. He could be adopted by anybody in a few days. 

Campbells' neighbors were terrified and shocked by his act, "It is terrifying, It is sad, I think it’s awful. Maybe he deserves a bite on the ear himself for it. “When you take in an animal into your home, that’s your family. You’re gonna bite your kid on the ear? Are you gonna do that? It’s the same thing to me. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever do that to an animal,”  Katyln Conover, his neighbor told CBS12 .


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 A man Patrick Campbell bit his dog's ear to establish dominance over it