Spring break teens vandalize Florida shops, Internet calls them 'entitled brats'

Spring break teens vandalize Florida shops, Internet calls them 'entitled brats'
CCTV footage shows a group of teenagers vandalizing shops during their Spring Break vacation. (Photo by @WCSOFL/Facebook)

A group of teenagers has been caught on camera vandalizing shops in Seaside, Florida as they go wild during their spring break vacation. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, March 15, police published CCTV footage of youths causing chaos in the cloak of darkness. On Facebook, the Walton County Sheriff's Office stated, "not the type of Spring Break behavior we want to see. It’s one thing to have fun. It’s quite another to destroy property and disrespect those who live and work here."

Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers has requested assistance in identifying the youths who are accused of damage and burglary at a number of businesses in the Seaside area. They posted on their Facebook page, “ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY 🔎 The Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida is trying to identify these individuals reference vandalism and burglaries that occurred to multiple businesses in the Seaside area during the early morning hours of 03/15/2022.  If you have information regarding the identity of these individuals, contact Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers: 📞Call 863-TIPS 📲Download the P3 Tips App 💻Visit EmeraldCoastCrimeStoppers.com. You will remain completely anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward!”


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One of the business owners whose property has been damaged wrote in the comment section of the post, “thank You for posting this 🙏 As an owner of Barefoot BBQ, that was the main business vandalized and stolen from, we really appreciate your help locating these kids. I feel very confident that they will be found & held accountable.” Many social media users slammed these teens by calling them entitled and spoiled brats

One person wrote, “spoiled demon spawn. I hope they are caught and their parents have to pay the highest of fines. This is what spoiling your crotch goblins gets ya! That gentle parenting works for everyone. Brats!😡” “Mommie and daddy will bail them out as usual. Every criminal that is guilty of a criminal offense needs to leave here with a criminal record that will hopefully haunt them the rest of their life,” another added. Someone wondered “who’s raising these entitled brats!” “Entitled brats. They probably drove the Range Rover there,” yet another person remarked. 

According to Project Know, 40% of college students go on spring break, spending more than $1 billion on vacations that are typically rife with alcohol and drugs. Thousands of spring break Instagram posts with the hashtag #SpringBreak were analyzed by Project Know to identify which destinations were the most popular. Several Florida towns made the top ten list of the most popular spring break destinations, including Miami, Orlando, and Panama City Beach. Cities in Florida also made the top ten list of cities with the highest percentage of drugs and alcohol in Instagram photographs examined.





Every spring break, college students are given time off from classes, and many of them spend it partying it up in popular beach destinations. They also frequently leave behind empty beer cans, liquor bottles, cigarettes, garbage, and damage to the beaches and marine life at the end of the week. Some cities have already started litter cleanup efforts or have prohibited alcohol during spring break season to prevent alcoholic beverage containers from littering their beaches.

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