Netflix 'A Family': Air time, how to live stream and trailer of Japanese film

Netflix 'A Family': Air time, how to live stream and trailer of Japanese film
'A Family' stars Go Ayano (YouTube)

Japanese film 'A Family' comes to Netflix shortly and follows the story of Kenji (Go Ayano) who finds himself with the challenge of adhering to an old school gangster code in ever-changing times, particularly his allegiance to his boss. The film also stars Hiroshi Tachi and Machiko Ono. 

If you are a fan of Japanese content, perhaps other Japanese films that have been a part of Netflix's slate in the past, such as 'Dragon Quest: Your Story' and series like 'The Naked Director' and 'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' may interest you. 



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Go Ayano stars in 'A Family' (YouTube)

Air time and how to live stream

'A Family' will premiere on June 18 on Netflix at 3am EST. You can also watch the movie by signing up for the platform’s free trial. Apart from that, viewers can also opt for different subscription plans provided by the streaming giant. A premium plan that allows more people to watch the service on different screens simultaneously costs $18 per month. Meanwhile, the basic US plan costs $9 per month.



According to the Netflix synopsis of 'A Family', the plot is as follows: "Taken in by the yakuza at a young age, Kenji swears allegiance to his old school boss, pledging to adhere to the family code amid ever changing times."


Go Ayano

Go Ayano started his career in 2005 with a number of minor roles. However, it was in 2013 that he garnered his most high profile roles as George "Joe" Asakura in 'Gatchaman', a live-action adaptation of the classic Tatsunoko Productions anime, and as Ishikawa Goemon in 'Lupin III', adapted from the iconic manga by Monkey Punch. Ayano then went on to be cast as the Nyx Ulric in the feature film 'Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV'.



Machiko Ono

Machiko Ono who was born in rural Japan was given her big break in showbusiness in a rather interesting way. Machiko was discovered cleaning out shoe boxes at her high school by director Naomi Kawase and given the lead role in her Kawase's film 'Suzaku'. It was a role that garnered Ono the best actress award at the Singapore Film Festival. One has since gone on to work with directors such as Shinji Aoyama, Akihiko Shiota, Nobuhiro Yamashita and Isao Yukisada. She is also known for her television work on the show 'Carnation'.


Machiko Ono stars in 'A Family' (IMDb)


The trailer of 'A Family' shows Kenji's devotion to his old school boss in a time where the world is changing. For Kenzi, his gang is like a family, even if it impedes his chances of having an actual family and a second shot at life. You can catch the trailer here


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