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'Echo chamber on steroids': Twitter users jumping to Mastodon left EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED

Those migrating to Mastodon from Twitter tweeted about their underwhelming experience
Mastodon has positioned itself as an alternative to Twitter (Google Play and Getty Images/ Stockfoo)
Mastodon has positioned itself as an alternative to Twitter (Google Play and Getty Images/ Stockfoo)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, several people shifted to Mastodon, a reportedly free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. As per a BBC report, it has currently more than “655,000 users - with over 230,000 having joined in the last week.”

However, now it seems that those migrating are not liking the experience as Twitter was full of tweets about the alternate platform being 'extremely disappointing'. A tweet read, “Mastodon is the social network that no one cares about unless someone tweets about it.” Another tweet said, “Just the name sounds disgusting.. wait was it masterbationnumb?” “Honestly until a couple days ago I thought people were talking about the band,” a comment stated.


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A user wrote, “I thought I was beginning to understand it, then I tried to explain it to someone else and everything fell apart.” The second user shared, “So messy.” The third one tweeted, “So funny seeing all the ‘join me at mastodon’ tweets. Then followed a few days later with ‘hey can anyone help me with the server selection?’ Tweets Twitter is the official support site for Mastodon. 😂”




“It's a social media platform that's just like email! Like ... I already avoid my email more than I should what makes you think I wanna spend my free time there lmao,” the fourth user noted and the fifth one stated, “It's just truth social but for extremists on the other spectrum 😆.”




“Someone needs to make a decent twitter replacement now. Mastodon is extremely disappointing. With so few people on it, it's not a viable option which is an awful shame as I want to remove myself from the musk of Musk & proRussians I wish he never bought it he's ruining it,” a person mentioned. Another one said, “It's like Twitter, but more complicated, with less features, less users and no engagement. I'm not a fan of Musk, but I'm sticking with Twitter,” as the third one agreed and added: “Ditto - doesn't really seem much point in jumping ship at the moment. That may change if some serious funding goes into scaling out one of the alternatives, but right now they are too fractured and do not have the ability to fund and scale an app with a few hundred million users.”




Writer Hunter Walk tweeted, “Suggesting Mastodon to most people as a twitter replacement is like if you ordered a steak at a restaurant and the waiter handed you the map to a cow pasture and a bolt gun.” “I’ve been reading a few threads about how Mastodon works and it’s obvious that it’s going to result in echo chambers on steroids controlled by petty tyrants who will drive people insane. I find it hilarious that people think it’s going to be better than Twitter,” a tweet noted, whole another tweet read, “I’m just going to say it. I’m 100% rooting for Elon to prove everyone wrong and be really successful at running Twitter. Go Elon! You can do this! Sincerely, Someone that’s visited mastodon and doesn’t want to have to actually move there.”




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