Echo Kellum, Miguel Gomez, Willie Gault and more turn out for A Cause for Entertainment to fight breast cancer

Founded by celebrated casting director Jessica Sherman in 2015, A Cause for Entertainment has drawn the attention of Hollywood’s most notable TV and film stars over the years.

                            Echo Kellum, Miguel Gomez, Willie Gault and more turn out for A Cause for Entertainment to fight breast cancer

Hosting its fourth annual fundraiser, A Cause for Entertainment will take yet another step to fight breast cancer on Sunday, October 7. Founded by celebrated casting director Jessica Sherman in 2015, A Cause for Entertainment has drawn the attention of some of Hollywood’s most notable TV and film stars over the years. This year is no different, with comedienne extraordinaire Sarah Burns hosting the event and stars like Echo Kellum from ‘Arrow,’ Miguel Gomez of ‘SMILF’ fame, NFL Legend Willie Gault and ‘Teen Wolf’ actor JR Bourne attending to lend their support.  

Ahead of the star-studded, charitable event, Sherman chats with Meaww about why she started A Cause for Entertainment, what the program does and how we can get involved.

I understand that you set up A Cause for Entertainment after your grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. What was your relationship with your grandmother like? Has she been fortunate enough to see everything you did following her diagnosis?  
Growing up my grandmother was my best friend. She was always the one I ran to when I had good news to share, when I needed someone to talk or when my father (her son) was being a pain. I spent all of my spring breaks and summer vacations with her, staying with her and my grandfather out in Korea Town. We were inseparable. So, when she was diagnosed, when I was 17 or 18 years old, my world was shook, to say the least. She had a difficult diagnosis, because on top of breast cancer, she also was diagnosed with colon cancer at the same time. So, her doctor recommended that they do a double mastectomy and a colon rescission in the same session.  


That must have been a tough period. Could you tell me about the moment that made you shift your sadness and anger into something so charitable and selfless? 
I remember like it was yesterday, the day before she went in for both procedures, we both sat on her couch and wept. Somehow, we both knew that after this surgery, something wouldn't be the same and we were right. When they were in the middle of the surgery they nicked her gallbladder, which left her in the ICU. She survived the procedures, but she wasn't the same, and she passed away in 2010 from other complications. 

Yes, there was sadness and anger for a time. But shortly after she passed away I decided to volunteer at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and what I had witnessed was beyond inspiring. Women and men, both young and old gathered together to celebrate, support and honor those who had faced breast cancer. It was uplifting, energizing and simply amazing to see thousands of people come together to raise money for an incredibly important cause, and I wanted nothing more than to be part of it.  

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes are two group you work closely with. Could you tell us a little bit about what they do and what inspired you to join hands with them?  
When choosing beneficiaries it's become really important for us to strike a balance of supporting those who are currently facing a diagnosis and helping further both research and education. Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes is a truly incredible organization! Shay, herself, is a two time breast cancer survivor, once at 26 and again at 36. When diagnosed the first the time, she didn't really have anyone to lean on, who knew what to do at such a young age. So she started Pink Wishes to be that person for other young women. Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes focus is to grant final wishes to women under the age of 40 who have been given a terminal diagnosis. And not only that, but she supports their children for a year after they pass for birthday's and holiday's and I believe she has also started a scholarship fund for these children.

And the work that Dr. Susan Love does year round is amazing. They started the program Army of Women, which is all about connecting women and men of all ages, ethnicities, and locations with researchers committed to solving important breast cancer questions. Their goal is to accelerate and increase diversity in breast cancer research. We are all working to achieve a future without breast cancer and improve the lives of people impacted by it now through education and advocacy, and that is their mission.  


The event is known to be backed by some of the most popular faces in Hollywood. Who are some of the familiar faces we will see this year?  
This year the event will be hosted by the incomparable and hysterical Sarah Burns, who you might recognize from 'Big Little Lies', 'American Vandal', 'Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later' and 'I Love You, Man'. We're going to have a special performance from Tony-award winner John Lloyd Young, who originated the role of 'Frankie Valli' on both stage and screen in Jersey Boys. And special guest appearances from Betty Gabriel (Counterpart), JR Bourne (Teen Wolf), Elizabeth Henstridge (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Rafael Casal (Blindspotting), Aisha Hinds (9-1-1), Miguel Gomez (SMILF), Echo Kellum (Arrow), Angel Parker (Runaways), Daniel Webber (Punisher), Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Oliver Stark (9-1-1), Jason Moore (Punisher), Karen David (Once Upon A Time), Chris Marquette (Barry) and Danielle MacDoanld (Unbelievable, PattiCake$).  
Who have been some of the biggest patrons of A Cause for Entertainment?   
We've been so fortunate to have a growing base of industry supporters, both major companies and individuals, some of which are WB Pictures, TBS/TNT, Bad Robot, Lucasfilm, Kilter Films, Blumhouse, Imagine, Marvel Studios, DC, FX, The Academy of Magical Arts, The Honest Company, Michael Giacchino, Fabletics, Kripke Enterprises, J.J. Abrams, Hello Sunshine, Made Up Stories, April Webster, Alyssa Weisberg, Laray Mayfield, Mary Verneau, Amalgamated Dynamics, NBC, Kerry Ehrin Productions and Carlton Cuse.   


If potential patrons want to help the cause, but are unable to attend the event, how can they do so? How are the different ways people can get involved?  
Yes! While we would love for everyone to come join the fun on October 7, not everyone is in LA, so there are a few different ways you can get involved... 

Donate - you can donate directly to the cause on our website  

Bid! - We have an auction currently live on Charity Buzz that offers a number of exciting experiences from general meetings with top Casting Directors, pitch meetings with some of the biggest producers in town, signed memorabilia, tickets to Broadway shows and general meetings with top agents in town! 

Buy a T-shirt - Buy one of our limited edition t-shirts, our collaboration with Artist Rachel Brown, designed by ACFE board member Jaye Rosenberg. 100% of proceeds go to support the cause.

Sponsor Us - We are always looking for supporters! If you are interested in sponsoring us please email us at [email protected]