'A Baby at Any Cost': 5 things to know about Lifetime thriller starring Christy Tate

'A Baby at Any Cost': 5 things to know about Lifetime thriller starring Christy Tate
Christy Tate from 'A Baby at Any Cost' (Instagram - @christy_tate_)

There's something so selfless yet heartbreaking about the concept of surrogacy. It sure isn't easy to bring a life into this world only to give up one's child to another family. Having said that, LMN brings forth their latest movie, 'A Baby at Any Cost', an upcoming thriller that revolves around the lives of yearning parents Monica (Christy Tate) and Brad Hunt (Johnny Ramey), who opt to welcome a child via their surrogate, Lily (Sarah Fisher).

Things take a turn for the worse as the new parents begin favoring Lily over Monica's sister, Jennifer (Brianna Cohen). Find out to what length the two women go to fight for their spots in the new parents' lives. 


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When does 'A Baby at Any Cost' release and where can you watch it? 

'A Baby at Any Cost' releases on May 13, 2022, and can be watched on Lifetime Movie Network. 

What is 'A Baby at Any Cost' all about?

The official synopsis reads, "When a couple hires their surrogate to nanny, their bond grows tight, making the sister-in-law increasingly jealous. Soon a web of distrust, lies, and mystery entangles the three women, resulting in danger and near-death when one of them crosses the lines to get the child, the husband, and the suburban life she always coveted." 

Who stars in the thriller movie? 

Christy Tate as Monica Hunt

Christy Tate is an American actress. She is most popularly known for her roles as Lana in 'Sorority Sister Killer', Jessica in 'Dinosaur World', and Clara in 'Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet'.

Some of Tate's other notable work includes her roles in 'The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend' (2020), 'Ratpocalypse' (2015), 'The Posthuman Project' (2014), 'The Smell of Smoke from Yesterday' (2014), and 'Missing Persons' (2022).


The rest of the cast includes Sarah Fisher as Lily, Ryan Francis as Sam, Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Margret, Grace Montie as Laura, Reynada Robinson as Christina, Brianna Cohen as Jennifer (as Ren Harlow), Brooks Ryan as Officer Miller, Lena Harmon as Doctor, Ava Torres as Ruby, Clayton Hillsberry as the man in the park, Michelle Sherrill as Susan, Liam Nowak as the police officer, Johnny Ramey as Brad Hunt, Drew Pollock as Carl, Lauden Baker as Jason, Greg Batterson as Bartender, and Melissa Sellers-Durham as Nurse.


The writers of the movie are George Saunders and Meredith Stack, with Tamar Halpern as the director. 


We're yet to see an update on this front but stay tuned! 

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