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'9-1-1 Lone Star' Season 2: Will Liv Tyler return after shocking exit? Fans love Gina Torres and don't want her back

The season two premiere episode saw Liv Tyler's Michelle leave her position as the captain and use her time to help the homeless
UPDATED JAN 20, 2021
Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake in' 9-1-1: Lone Star' (FOX)
Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake in' 9-1-1: Lone Star' (FOX)

FOX's '9-1-1 Lone Star' returned for its second season on January 18 with 'Back In The Saddle'. Unfortunately, the series didn't see Liv Tyler's Michelle Blake in the series, but it may not be a permanent thing. If you're a fan of the actress, here's some good news for you!

The season two premiere episode saw Michelle leave her position as the captain and use her time to help the homeless. This came after the end of the first season saw Michelle find out that her sister who had been missing was living on the streets. According to reports, Tim Minear, the co-creator of the series, revealed to TV Line that fans may not have to say bye to Tyler's character.

Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake in' 9-1-1: Lone Star' (FOX)

Will Liv Tyler return after shocking exit?

Minear said, "I’ve talked to Liv about this. I think there are really interesting stories to be told about a first responder who, as we put it in the first episode, gave up her occupation to pursue her vocation. I think that’s a very interesting story to tell."

He also mentioned that bringing Tyler back is in fact his dream saying, "Just like my dream was to somehow get Abby to come back to 9-1-1 [after Connie Britton’s departure], my dream is to get Liv Tyler back on 'Lone Star'."

Gina Torres as Tommy Vega on '911: Lone Star' (FOX)

Why did Liv Tyler leave the show?

The actress was supposed to be part of the '9-1-1 Lone Star' for a while, but Deadline reported that she had spoken to producers about leaving the show last summer because she had to travel from her London home to the US in order to film the show.

The premiere of the second season also saw Michelle's "unofficial replacement" Gina Torres' Tommy Vega. Speaking of Torres, Minear had said, "Gina is such an easy fit for the show, it feels like she’s been there the whole time. There’s a whole domestic side to her, and if Tommy had her choice, she wouldn’t be re-entering the workforce. She’s the breadwinner supporting her family, but she also feels like she might be missing out by going back to work. I think that’s very relatable for a lot of working parents today.”

Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake and Rafael L. Silva as Carlos Reyes in' 9-1-1: Lone Star' (FOX)

How did fans react to Tyler's exit?

Turns out there isn't a consensus — some want her back, while others are happy that she was replaced by Torres. "#911LoneStar What happened to Liv Tyler? I like Gina Torres, but Liv fit the part so well! Please bring her back...," wrote one fan. Another added, "I do miss Liv Tyler but I was not disappointed. #911LoneStar."

Many praised Torres of course, with one fan writing, "I’m sad Liv Tyler is no longer with the show but having Gina Torres on #911LoneStar (s2e1) is more than a suitable replacement. She’s so incredible. Great season opener and that zoom meeting was well incorporated. Totally appreciate the drama about Captain Strand and his creams."




Why don't some fans want her back?

One fan said, "Lowkey so happy Liv Tyler is gone. The storyline with her sister was interesting, but my god was her voice annoying and distracting. Plus I love Gina Torres! She’s a kickass woman so I’m excited to see her in the role #911LoneStar."

Another added, "Honestly I'm glad Liv Tyler has gone this season. I didn't really like her character. I'm so thrilled Gina Torres is her replacement she is incredible #911lonestar." People were also upset that Tyler left the show with one user writing, "Umm what happened to Liv Tyler? She doesn’t be tryna commit to shit smh #911LoneStar ".




Only time will tell if Liv Tyler is back to the show. For now, we can only wait and watch. '911: Lone Star' returned for its second season on January 18 at 9 PM ET, on FOX.