'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Tiffany Franco slams Aladin and Laura for fighting on social media: 'It's like high school out here'

'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Tiffany Franco slams Aladin and Laura for fighting on social media: 'It's like high school out here'

Aladin and Laura Jallali's relationship has been going downhill ever since the tell-all episode aired. During the second part of the tell-all interview, Aladin confessed that he could not be with Laura anymore and was contemplating divorce. While the pair have since separated, it does not look like their battle of words is over. 

Recently, Aladin took to his Instagram and posted a series of videos that reflected on his relationship with Laura. In those videos, Aladin dropped some truth bombs and this included claims of Laura catfishing him to revealing that she did not have any money left with her anymore. After Aladin, Laura too took to social media to slam the claims that were made by Aladin. Taking to Instagram she posted a picture that spoke about how someone who manipulates another and does not understand empathy. Along with the post, her caption took a dig at Aladin as it read, "I do not need 30 posts of a powerpoint presentation I just need 1 post to summarize my ex."

Looking at their social media fight, their fellow cast member, Tiffany Franco, decided to be the voice of reason for them. Taking to her Instagram stories, Tiffany spoke about how immature it was of Laura and Aladin to make their private life a game of social media arguments. "Okay, you guys need to chill the fu** out or real," she wrote. "How embarrassing is it that we take social media that serious. I am so disappointed in the shit that I am seeing. It's like High School out here."

She further added that one should keep the show aside and move on with their respective lives. "No one ruined anyone's life. We are all just a bunch of people who are on a damn show," she wrote. "Keep living your life. People will post shit about you, some might be true and some might not. Who cares?" 

Tiffany also tagged Laura in the post and stated that "we're adults". She further spoke about the place she was seeing things from and added that even though she has had problems with others she wouldn't be using social media to throw someone under the bus. 


"This shit needs to stop being put out in the universe," she further added. "There are more interesting things that can be posted. Like's here's an example, post a picture of a piece of gum stuck on the ground that would be more beneficial to the world than these salty posts." 

While Laura and Aladin have not posted anything since then, it seems like they both might have decided to take a break from their nasty online feud. 

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