'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Jenny hints that she and Sumit could still be together

Sumit and Jenny have had a tough time keeping their relationship afloat with all the drama but it looks like the pair is still together.

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Jenny hints that she and Sumit could still be together

In the season finale of '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' viewers got to see Jenny and Sumit saying their goodbyes and Jenny decided to head back to the US. However, the two still seem to be head over heels with each other and found it hard to accept that it might be the end for them. However, fans had some hope for the pair after Jenny noted that she wanted Sumit to take care of things in India if he wanted them to be together. Sumit seemed to reciprocate the same thoughts as he noted that he only wanted to be with Jenny and wasn't happy in his marriage. 

Jenny shared pictures with her daughter and confirmed she is in the US (Instagram)

However, looking at recent pictures of Jenny on Instagram, the reality star confirmed that she is in the US with her daughter, Christina and her wife. Looking at the pictures there is no doubt that the three of them are having a gala time together. 

Despite this, it seemed like Jenny still missed having Sumit next to her. One of the fans noted that she wished Sumit came to the US with Jenny. The comment read, "Is Sumit able to come to us with a visa of his own so that he and Jenny could be together. You two really do truly love each other, you can see it and feel it while watching the entire season."


Jenny hinted that she and Sumit might still be together (Instagram)

To this Jenny replied, "hoping." Meanwhile, another user suggested that there should be a movie made based on their romance and Jenny did not seem disappointed with the idea as she wrote, "let's cross our fingers." 

Jenny also defended her relationship with Sumit when one fan called it a "fling." The comment read, "I love Jenny and Sumit, I think he will stay with his family. That fling is over." To this, Jenny replied, "fling so was it an 8-year fling." Sumit and Jenny met on social media after Sumit catfished her. 

After he came clean on his identity, the two started a relationship and Jenny decided to head to India to get married. Unfortunately, her fairytale turned into a nightmare when she found out that Sumit had been married for two years while he was in a relationship with her. Even though the family drama came into play in their relationship, the pair always stayed strong and looking at Jenny's comment it seems like there might be a happy ending after all. 

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