'90 Day Fiance': Have Jihoon and Deavan split up? Fans wonder as he unfollows her on Instagram, says 'I'm done'

Episodes from the past two weeks revealed that things between the couple were not so good. Jihoon lied about his financial situation to Daevan and she felt quite letdown

                            '90 Day Fiance': Have Jihoon and Deavan split up? Fans wonder as he unfollows her on Instagram, says 'I'm done'

The tension between '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' couple Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg was on a completely different level, as seen on the episodes from the past two weeks. Jihoon lied to Deavan about his financial situation in a bid to get her to fly to South Korea sooner and once the latter figured it out, it resulted in a huge showdown of sorts between the two leading to rumors of a split. However, a couple of days ago, Deavan's mother Elicia rubbished all rumors that the couple had split.

However, if Jihoon's recent social media activity is anything to go by, it does suggest that the rumors might indeed be true. His Instagram has been wiped clean of all posts including the ones with Deavan and later on, he updated his stories with the text, "I'm done," which is now deleted. Soap Dirt reported that he has unfollowed her on Instagram but Deavan claimed that she doesn't know about it. Responding to a fan who wrote, "Why did jihoon unfollow you," on a picture of herself with her son, Deavan replied with a simple, "Didn't know he did."

The couple has a son Taeyang and they also co-parent Drascilla, Daevan's daughter from a previous relationship. The latter has flown back to Utah with both her children while Jihoon is still in South Korea. In the past two episodes, she was highly conflicted about her decision to fly to the country with her children after she felt that Jihoon was not stepping up as much as she'd like him to. She tried making things work after she arrived in the country and even decided on renting a house where she could stay with Jihoon and the kids. She found the house on the Internet and when she arrived at the property in person, the place felt really unsafe and she went off on Jihoon for not doing the necessary checks beforehand. 

Another issue that was driving a wedge between them was the fact that Jihoon wasn't making adequate money to support their family. While clarifying that he had saved money and left it under his mother's supervision, he also opened up about being stressed and pressured about making money given that he lacks a good education that is a prerequisite to finding a well-paying job. Daevan questioned him about not taking up additional jobs to ensure all debts were cleared to which he settled for part-time jobs as it allowed him the liberty to rest well. That was when she came to a realization that she'd been tricked to come into the country and that she was really second-guessing her decision at that point. 

Their show is still on the air and the couple won't be able to make any official announcements regarding the status of their relationship due to NDAs. Till that time, tune in to '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' to watch how their relationship progresses, every Monday at 9 pm ET only on TLC. 

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