'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Fans call out Evelin Villegas for her bar in Ecuador, say Corey is the rightful owner

Money has always been a problem between Evelin and Corey and it looks like the fans are also calling out Evelin for the bar that Corey paid for.

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Fans call out Evelin Villegas for her bar in Ecuador, say Corey is the rightful owner

Evelin Villegas recently took to her YouTube page to show fans how she makes a perfect margarita and in doing so, she gave fans a glimpse of her bar in Ecuador. There is no doubt that her bar is very famous because of the coverage it received on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' but fans have been wondering who the bar belongs to. 

Even though Evelin is enjoying her time as the boss, fans called her out and reminded her that Corey was the one who paid for the bar. Many people refused to accept that it was Evelin's bar. One fan wrote, "Corey's bar looks nice. Good for you Corey". Another chimed in by adding, "Corey's bar...what a fool."

Others questioned their relationship as one fan wrote, "Corey's bar...must be nice to screw him out of his life savings...Hey TOWN CLOWN takes the bus, I won't be at the airport to get you!!" Another added, "Such an independent woman you are milking American out of his life savings and you can't even wear his ring, then you act like some self achieved bar owner, you should be ashamed of yourself!"

Meanwhile, some wished that they had someone who would also buy them a bar. Even during the tell-all interview, Evelin had remarked that if they split, she would want to keep the bar. She stated that in her culture the men had to provide for the women. 

During the interview, Corey stated that he had spent about $40-50k  on Evelin. He further revealed that he had less than $1500 in his bank account at the moment. While Corey remarked that they hadn't discussed who would keep the bar in case they broke up, Evelin seemed to be certain that she is the rightful owner. 

"If we break up then I think he should leave it to me," she said. Despite this, Corey claimed that he does not doubt Evelin and her intentions as "it wasn't like she was hiding anything." While the video shows that Evelin is still the owner of the bar, her relationship with Corey also seems to be going steady as recently he defended her against online bullying

Even though fans do not seem to be happy that Corey is not the owner, it doesn't look like Evelin is taking offense to any of these comments. 

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