'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' star Corey Rathgeber defends Evelin Villegas after she's bullied online

Evelin has been a target of online bullying ever since she appeared on the show, but now Corey is stepping forward and taking a stand against it.

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' star Corey Rathgeber defends Evelin Villegas after she's bullied online

Evelin Villegas became the target of bullying ever since she appeared on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way'. The reality star was slammed for how she treated Corey Rathgeber and recently, she made headlines for referring to Tiffany Franco as a bad mother. However, it seems like Corey has had enough of it. 

The reality star recently took to Instagram to call out people who had been bullying Evelin online. "Hi everybody. Today I would like to talk about online bullying and the situation that happened today with Evelin," he said. "As many of you know, Evelin has dealt with a lot of hate and online bullying throughout the season and it is not okay. "

He further added that people often speak without thinking twice and in turn, do not realize how words affect another person. "Everybody needs to learn that there will be consequences to your action so you better be careful with what you say," he said. 

Corey then went on to name the person who had sent Evelin a hateful message. "Lisa Bar or whatever disgusting human being she is as a person sent a message to Evelin, like many of you do, but this wasn't okay," he said. While Corey did not mention the details of the message, he stated that Evelin had been dealing with online bullying for months now and she decided to not speak about it because "that's the type of person she is."

Corey further added that Evelin is a "nice and sweet girl" and one should not judge her on the basis of what is shown on television. While Corey did not give out the exact details of the message received by Evelin, he hinted that the person mentioned about Evelin dying. 

He remarked that it was the worse thing anyone could tell someone and a person who talks about wishing another person's death should be behind bars. He further added that he would be revealing any hateful message that he came across because online bullying wasn't right. 

"Online bullying is a real thing and people commit suicide because of that. So, you are accountable for that," he added. Corey also defended Evelin for how she was portrayed on the show. He stated that even though people have assumptions about her because of what they saw on the show, it still did not give them the right to bully her every day as these hateful messages were received by her "day in and out". 

"Maybe she snapped a few times but she has never said anything personal to anybody," he added. He concluded the video by stating, "If you don't have anything nice to say then please don't say it at all." 

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