'90 Day Fiance' star Anfisa returns to Instagram with a new account after old one was suspended

'90 Day Fiance' star Anfisa returns to Instagram with a new account after old one was suspended
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Anfisa Arkhipchenko from '90 Day Fiance' took to her Facebook account to reveal that her Instagram handle had been deactivated. She is currently back on Instagram using a new account but has significantly less followers than before; just over 7,000 compared to more than a quarter million before. 

Earlier in the week, she blamed Instagram users for reporting her account which led to it being suspended. Along with a video, she uploaded a caption to reassure her fans and followers  "Hi everybody! My Instagram was disabled (not by myself) so until I get it back I decided to recover my Facebook to stay in touch with all of you". 

Anfisa blames the haters for the removal of her account but the timing of the deactivation looks fishy. Just two days before the account was suspended, she shared some screenshots of text messages between her husband Jorge Nava and late YouTuber Stevie Ryan, who took his own life last year. 

It seemed as though this was done in an attempt to show that the two had an affair together which did not sit well with Anfisa's followers.


One fan commented, "How you are [sic] dirty! The girl died and you putting [up] this now? How low you are girl!" While another wrote,  "Why did you bring up a dead girl? Are you trying to get back at Jorge for something? I'm sorry, I respect you because I know you're not what TV displays. But you really shouldn't disrespect the dead."

Back in the year 2017, Stevie Ryan took to Twitter to throw some shade at Anfisa and implied that she was a gold digger. 

"Got all the Anfisa gossip from Jorge before he made me wait [seven] hours to get some weed he never came through with. They broke up [and] she's working as a stripper now. Still taking all his money [though]," Stevie wrote. Anfisa and Jorge were separated for an unknown period of time last year. 

Earlier this year, Jorge was arrested for possession and the sale of marijuana. As reported by InTouch, Anfisa has decided to stand by her man. "Some time ago I made a post on my Instagram saying that I would like to keep my personal life private, but due to the crazy amount of speculation that’s going on, I just decided that it’s better to share with you that we’re still together, obviously," she said.


"We’ve never really broken up. Yes, we had our fights just like any other couple, but we’re working through it. You know, everybody fights. Everybody is crazy," she continued.

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