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'90 Day Fiancé': After backlash, Paola wonders how nurses had time to dance for a TikTok video amid pandemic

Paola Mayfield was slammed by many people for her Instagram post where she criticized nurses who were seen dancing in a TikTok video
Paola  (TLC)
Paola (TLC)

Paola Mayfield's journey was followed by viewers when she appeared on '90 Day Fiancé' and she managed to have a big fan following even after the show ended. However, she recently received an immense amount of backlash for one of her posts. The reality star had posted a TikTok video that showed some nurses enjoying a well-choreographed dance. Paola shared the video along with the caption, "I'm sorry but I’ve seen hundreds of videos like this and only make me wonder why? Why? Wake up people!" as reported by Cheat Sheet. With the current coronavirus pandemic taking many lives and putting nurses and doctors on the frontline, her fans were not happy to read such a post. 

They were quick to criticize her for the comment with many coming after her family as well. Paola was quick to delete the post and she recently explained why she had posted that particular video and made such a comment. In an interview with Domenick Nati Show, Paola revealed that the video was contradicting what the media had been talking about. The media had been highlighting how nurses and doctors were always on their feet treating people and helping beat the pandemic. They also reported how the nurses and doctors were finding it difficult to head back home as the pandemic was slowly taking over the rest of the world. 

Amid all this news, Paola was surprised to find a video that was shared by a nurse on TikTok, which showed them doing a dance. She hinted that a dance like that would require a lot of time, but according to media reports medical professionals have very little time in hand. As a result, the video just seemed ironic to her, she explained. She further added that she was aware of how much time these videos take because she is on TikTok as well. Paola added that a choreographed dance would require a lot more time and one could see how the nurses' dance would have required a lot of time to make it look perfect.

Paola further revealed she had faced a lot of backlash from people and there were nurses and doctors who commented as well. She recalled how one of them stated that if her son ever needed medical help, they would not help him. Paola reflected how the job of nurses and doctors is to save people and for them to pass hurtful comments like these was hurtful. She also hinted that the incident affected her brand because people were quick to comment that they would not purchase anything from her. With Paola being a breadwinner amid the pandemic, she was really upset with all that had happened. Luckily, she has the support of her family and was able to face the backlash with a strong spirit.